‘Grassy Top Mountain’: Author releases more tales from the Appalachians
by BETTIE MARLOWE, Banner Staff Writer
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The newest book by Charles C. Fletcher has just been released. The self-published “Grassy Top Mountain” follows the theme of his other four books with stories from the Appalachians.

This book chronicles the journeys of people whose lives touched each other’s in unique situations in creating the whole of a community.

Simply told, the story quickly marches through relationships, discoveries, tragedy and triumphs with ups and downs of ordinary life as it is shaped by ordinary people.

Who would know that a farmer’s search for a livelihood during Depression years would bring a family of 10 children into his and his wife’s life? And what a difference they made in the family who lived on “Grassy Top Mountain” — a difference that translated into a talented band which made headlines and the creation of productive generations to come.

Not all was light and sunshine, however. The story also includes the tragic imprisonment and death of the children’s father, and later the death of their benefactors. But the legacy they received kept them going in the right direction.

The reader will enjoy the reading of “Grassy Top Mountain.” It is a meaningful story and it’s easy to get caught up with the storyteller as he weaves his tale based on what he experienced.

Fletcher said he began his writing of books to document the legacies of life as he knew it in 1930s and “the later years of my life. When reading my books,” he said, “take into account that the writer does not consider himself an author or a writer, but a storyteller, as were most all of the people who lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina before, during and after the Great Depression of the 1930s.”

Members of the younger generation who came along after World War II were not, he said, exposed to these storytellers and have no idea of what life was like during what old-timers like to call “the good ole days.”

With this in mind, Fletcher added, “I tell about the things that I remember and that were told to me when I was growing up.”

These stories, he said, are based on actual events as he remembers them. “Because of my age, 89, I sometimes have to tax my mind to remember what happened in the 1930s.”

Fletcher said he tells these stories to make the younger generation of today aware of the hardships older people faced in getting to this point in their lives.

“What you read in these stories is a part of what aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas and all the others not having all the modern things we have today experienced.”

Fletcher said if he did not record these events of his life, they would be lost forever. “My hope is that, in reading my stories,” he said, “young people will learn about the past and people will refresh their memories of “the good ole days.”

“Grassy Top Mountain” is available locally at the Museum Center at Five Points; at Barnes and Noble Amazon.com; and at all book distributors. For more information on “Grassy Top Mountain,” write to Fletcher Books, 2310 Harris Circle N.W., Cleveland, TN 37311; or email: ccflectch9@yahoo.com.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Other books by Fletcher are “Out West And Back,” “The Panther On Cold Mountain,” “Little Sam Mountain,” and “The Sheriff.”