70 show interest in 2014 election seats
by GREG KAYLOR Banner Staff Writer
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The Bradley County Election Office is now taking requests for absentee-by-mail ballots from Armed Forces personnel, their spouses and qualified voters temporarily staying outside the territorial limits of the U.S. or District of Columbia, according to Elections Administrator Fran Green.

Petitions for the August Primary/Bradley County General Election can also be picked up as the deadline approaches for the first cycle of 2014 elections, which will be the May 6 County Primary.

Deadline for petitions to be filed for the May County Primary is noon Feb. 20.

Slated for the May 6 Primary are: 10th District Chancellor, 10th District Criminal Court Judge, 10th District District Attorney General, Public Defender, County Mayor, County Commission, County Trustee, General Sessions Judges Division One and Two, County Sheriff, Register of Deeds, County Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk, Road Superintendent, County School Board Districts 2, 4 and 6, and Constables in all districts.

These races will be determined in the Aug. 7 general election, which is also the Tennessee state primary voting day.

Officials at the Bradley County Elections Office recently reported they have maintained a steady flow of residents making address changes as well as conducting other business.

Seventy area residents have picked up petition paperwork.

James Daniel “Jimmy” Smith has been added to the roll picking up paperwork for County Commission District One and Steve Bullins has also picked up for Bradley County Road superintendent, as well as John F. Miller for the constable District 5 position.

They are the latest three to show interest in public office, according to information from the Election Office.

Incumbents Circuit Court Judge Larry Puckett of Part 1, Michael Sharp of Part 2 have picked up their papers, as well as potential candidates for the Part 3, William Brown, Sandra Donaghy, Andrew Freiberg, who are for vying for the seat being vacated when Judge Carroll Ross retires in 2014.

Amy Armstrong Reedy is only one of two Democrats who have picked up petition paperwork.

She is seeking re-election to the Criminal Court. Richard Hughes has also picked up a petition for his re-election as the 10th Judicial District Public Defender.

Current Assistant District Attorney General Stephen Hatchett picked up for the 10th Judicial District Attorney General post. Steve Crump has also picked up paperwork for the 10th Judicial District Attorney General post.

Incumbent Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis has picked up paperwork to qualify as a candidate for re-election.

Six potential candidates are vying for County Commission District 1.

Incumbent Terry Caywood, Denis Collins, Michael Hughes, Terry McDowell Jr., Smith and Tom Collins, who is current Bradley County Road Superintendent, have all shown interest in the seat.

Current commissioner Ed Elkins will not seek re-election.

In County Commission District 2, John S. Burns, William Glen Campbell and Thomas L. Crye as well as Jimmy Lynn Kendrick and Tammy S. Wingo have picked up petitions. Currently, Connie Wilson, who is not seeking re-election, and Louie Alford hold those seats.

Alford has also picked up petition paperwork.

County Commission 3 incumbent Brian Smith announced recently that he will not be in the race. Milan Blake, David Kelley, Johnny Mull and incumbent Democrat Jeff Morelock have picked up petitions for that district.

Howard L. Thompson, June Montgomery and incumbent Charlotte Jones have picked up petitions for the District 4 County Commission post. Adam Lowe will not be seeking District 4 re-election, but will be vying for a state representative position.

Carol T. Searles’ name has been added to the list of District 4 County Commission potentials.

Jeff Yarber had been the only candidate to pick up for District 5. He is the incumbent along with Bill Ledford.

According to the Elections Office, Briant K. Berry and former Cleveland City Councilman, Floyd Wade Jr., have now picked up paperwork for the seat.

In County Commission District 6, incumbents Mel Griffith and Robert D. Rominger have picked up petition paperwork as well as Tom D. Ledford, Ronny E. Keller and Daniel D. Rawls.

Both incumbents in District 7, Mark Hall and Bill Winters have also picked up petitions.

Mike Smith has picked up for his re-election to the County Trustee’s seat.

General Sessions Judges Division 1 and 2 positions are also up for vote in 2014.

Daniel Swafford, incumbent juvenile judge is seeking re-election in Division 1 and Barrett Painter has picked up petition paperwork for the Division 2 seat, which is held by Sheridan Randolph, who has also picked up a petition.

Both incumbent Sheriff Jim Ruth and current State Representative Eric Watson have picked up paperwork for the upcoming Bradley County Sheriff’s race.

Incumbent County Court Clerk Gayla Miller is also seeking to keep her elected position as is Donna Alley Simpson, who is the incumbent County Clerk, and incumbent Register of Deeds Dina Swafford.

In the Bradley County Road Superintendent’s race, Robert L. Combs, Randall Davis and Sandra Knight are considering the position as well as Bullins.

They have all picked up petition paperwork.

Five people have shown interest in the Constable District 1 race, including incumbent Donnie Hughes.

Also picking up petitions to date were Ronald Arthur, Daren E. Brantley, Thomas W. Kimsey and Charles V. Carroll.

In District 2, Richard Alford has picked up.

Jason Corum has showed interest in the District 3 Constable’s race along with incumbent Jessie Hughes Jr.

In District 4, Kevin Crye has picked up paperwork, as well as incumbent Wayne Henry.

Steve R. Anderson was appointed to the 5th District Constable’s by the Bradley County Commission.

Anderson has also picked up petition paperwork to seek election. He is joined now by Miller.

Charles Dunson, Jeffery A. Lewis and incumbent Johnny D. Hicks have picked up paperwork for the District 6 seat and James “Edd” Lewis has picked up for Constable District 7.

Key dates for potential candidates to remember are:

- April 3, 2014 — Noon deadline to turn petition paperwork back to the Bradley County Election Commission.

Other key dates for voters include:

- April 16 through May 1, 2014 — Early Voting will be held Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

- April 7, 2014 — Last day to register to vote for the May 6 county primary.

Additional information can be found at www.bradleyelections .com.