A Melissa matter: Love shouldn’t hurt
by MELISSA SNYDER, Banner Lifestyles Writer
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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month — the time to focus on a problem that’s often kept quiet, and to many times ends up with harmful and devastating results. Sadly, the loss of life is a result.

While progress has been made, a new challenge has surfaced with technology quickly becoming a means for stalkers to harass and monitor their victims. A report from the Family Violence Prevention Fund says 13 of every 24 victims are stalked through some type of electronic monitoring.

Bringing awareness through education is critical to our community. The victims need protection and need support and the perpetrators need to be held accountable.

One of the main reasons The Family Violence Program of the Family Resource Agency is sponsoring a candlelight vigil geared toward the victims of domestic violence and their families. It is also to ignite action from the public by making them aware of the problem and to let the victims of domestic, dating and sexual violence know they have support.

Making a difference to end domestic violence takes organizations, businesses, churches and neighborhoods willing to get involved. It’s time for us to say “We will do whatever it takes to stop the cycle.”

I invite readers to take a stand by attending the annual vigil on Oct. 24 at 6 p.m. at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church. Dr. Cheryl Johns, co-pastor at New Covenant Church of God and a professor at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, will be the guest speaker. There will also be survivors of domestic violence there sharing their stories that will touch hearts.

Let’s do everything we can. Lets do it in honor of the ones who have lost their lives because of domestic violence. Let’s get the message out, “Love shouldn’t hurt.”

For anyone wanting to help, contact volunteer coordinator Sherry Haynes at The Family Resource Agency at 303-3515.

The Family Resource Agency is located at 3680 Michigan Ave. Their mission is to serve families, children, and adults in ways that improve their quality of life, and enable them to be more self-sufficient, productive members of the community.