A Melissa matter: Time for the grumpy to cheer up
by MELISSA SNYDER, Banner Lifestyles Writer
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So it seems, according to research, and to some people we ALL interact with from time to time that people laugh less and become grumpier as they age.

When I heard the results to a recent study in the United Kingdom, I immediately thought of the movie, “Grumpy Old Men.” It was a comedy where you find yourself laughing at how ridiculously grumpy and sometimes mean spirited the main characters were all throughout the film.

The scientists at the University of Glamorgan found people laugh less as they grow older and by the age of 52 become more crabby, ill-tempered and hard to please. Men were particularly. Even four times more grumpy in their 60s than women. WOW!

What is the deal? How can we go from giggling as infants and toddlers to big, irritated crabs with grouchy attitudes who are often argumentative? I don’t have the answer but have found some statistic stating “babies laugh up to 300 times every single day. Being around the laughter sounds of an innocent baby can be contagious ... something we should do as much as possible.

The joy children manifest is proof we weren’t born grumpy. But what happens in our teens? How is it we go from laughing 300 times as a baby to maybe an average of six times a day. By our 20s, experts say we are down to around four times a day.

Since laughter is good for us, even healthy, why do we do it less and less? Following a study on laughing, the chief researcher, Dr. Lesley Harbridge said, “It’s important to remember how good laughter is for you: It releases endorphins and a little laughter every day goes a log way to reducing stress.”

With so many of us looking for ways to prolong life, renew our youth and look young we are turning to fixes and touch-up on the outside, including whooping $1.5 billion dollars a year on anti-aging products to reduce wrinkles or fade an age spot, according to Harvard University reports.

Unfortunately, many forget the only fail-proof, foolproof way to renew their youth is through God. In the Bible, the book of Isaiah, it’s easy to understand the words, “When you put your hope in Him, He will renew your youth.”

With a regenerated youthfulness our lives will be prolonged and have days of joy, not days of dread, grumpy attitudes and sadness.

Instead of looking for a fix in an “as seen on TV” ad promising to change your life, just look to God’s word. There you will find peace, days of laughter and prosperity all the days of your life.

I truly believe God watches us. He feels joy when we feel joy and smiles when we smile. Let’s get over the grumpiness.