A strong Sheriff’s Office is vital
by Jim Ruth Bradley County Sheriff
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We have seen inept and inexperienced government employees with the rollout of Obamacare. Even the computer contractors that were hired by the U.S. government were woefully inadequate to meet the challenges presented by this multiheaded monster.

Millions of lives across the nation will suffer financially and physically because of this gross stupidity from the top to the bottom of our government.

The people at the top did not prepare properly, nor was there accountability down the line. Any good the national insurance plan could have been for those uninsured has been overshadowed by the misery and loss created for millions of others.

This very large problem for our nation is a reminder to us who serve in local government the importance of hiring and keeping competent and experienced people working for the taxpayer.

That is the reason that I have kept the needs of your Sheriff’s Office before the public. It is also the reason I continue to present these needs before the funding body, the County Commission.

I have mentioned to the readers recently about the planning and preparations in keeping our schools safe. I have spoken of deploying our deputies so they can be on the scene of an emergency in minutes.

I have also informed the reader of the importance of having educated, seasoned deputies as investigators who understand and keep abreast of modern technologies. We have traffic investigators who are experts in their field and who are called on by others for training, advice and counsel.

Your Sheriff’s Office has people who have the education, training, experience and expertise to function very well with any size agency in the country. They are career law-enforcement people who want to live in this part of the country.

Our people network with other agencies throughout the country through seminars, workshops and joint investigations. Our people have been involved in multitask forces, multiagency investigations that are even international in scope.

All of this institutional knowledge and experience makes for a well balanced Sheriff’s Office for a metro county of more than 101,000 people that is rapidly growing. We simply cannot rest but continue to be engaged at all levels of law-enforcement.

In every community there is always a knot of people who do not want a strong Sheriff’s Office. These are people who make money from both sides of the line, legally and illegally.

I have spoken of one such group sometime ago who operated in Bradley County almost with impunity. They operated chop shops, rolled back the miles on cars. They changed serial plates from wrecks to stolen cars.

This bunch continued to be prolific simply because the sheriffs were woefully underfunded and could not hire or keep enough trained, experienced deputies on the job.

The state and federal authorities came in to help after our community was embarrassed by the “60 Minutes” network program in their exposé of this terrible problem.

Investigators found there were people involved in this criminal activity who also ran a legitimate business.

The average citizen has a hard time accepting the fact the friendly, generous businessman down the street is also heavily into criminal activity.

Some who are legitimate appearing businessmen may attend church or the school activities with his children regularly. This same guy may be making a bundle off of financing illegal drug deals.

Tell me it ain’t so! It is happening everyday in small towns and cities all across America. It can happen right here in our otherwise great community.

I speak often of being prepared to meet the challenges that we may very well have to face. I have spoken here of a few pieces of the mosaic that makes up a strong Sheriff’s Office. I readily identify with the Boy Scouts’ motto: “Be Prepared.”

That is our goal at your Sheriff’s Office. I plan to keep informing the public of where we are and what is needed to keep Bradley County a wholesome community.

Thanks again for reading.