Area resident clarifies her first letter
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To The Editor:

I meant what I said about guns in my previous letter. I wrote and rewrote it several times. When I sent it, I realized what I said about Lee University and the parking situation was when my mind obviously wandered and I didn’t mean it to be included in my letter. I didn’t notice this before I mailed my letter.

I was embarrassed at my mistake and acknowledge it.

Now, I wish to finish what I started.

I live at North Cleveland Towers. A parking lot behind our building is supposed to be for residents, their visitors and for health care workers. We also have the space directly around the building. A lot of our residents drive and there aren’t enough spaces for all the cars there.

Lee students and teachers have taken over the parking lot behind us and sometimes around our building. What I want to clear up is that these people haven’t much choice. They have to park wherever they can. The university has grown so much, but parking space for [the school] hasn’t.

That is what I meant. Nothing against these people. I don’t know where all the new students are to park. I didn’t mean to make anyone mad.

Of course, most of the students need to have cars to get around. Not only has Lee grown, so has Cleveland. I moved here in 1961 when Cleveland was a small town.

Maybe Lee needs a parking garage on campus. But, where to put it? Also, it would need to be many stories high.

— Betsy Burke