Bears roll over Pioneers
by Special to the Banner
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The Bradley Central Boys and Girls Bowling Teams defeated the East Ridge Bowling Teams in convincing fashion Thursday at Leisure Lanes in Cleveland. The margin of victory was 21.5-5.5 with 2,458 pins for the Bradley boys and 1,852 pins for the East Ridge boys. The Bradley girls won 20-7 with 1,806 pins for the Bearettes and 1,584 pins for the Lady Pioneers. The competition consisted of three complete games with two three-member teams from each school with the individual genders.

Bearettes team members were Deanna Parrott, Kailynn French, Laura English, Chloe Wallace, Nicole Cartwright, Callie Morgan, Cassie Moreno, Johnna Cartwright, and Zoey Browder. Callie Morgan was the top Bearette Bowler with 383 pins.

Bears team members were Alec Norwood, Jordan Jones, Mitchell Baker, Cody Henderson, Brandon Sneed, Jacob Suits, Christan Rodriquez, Zach Shannon, and Chase Blackwell. Chase Blackwell was the top Bear Bowler with 537 pins.

Bradley will play again Nov. 6 at Norte Dame.



Game 1

Morgan (B) def. Ryan (ER) 123-114, N. Cartwright (B) def. Stone (ER) 99-94, Hitchcock (ER) def. Wallace (B) 97-88 , Ballard (ER) def. English (B) 97-95, Parrott (B) def. Campbell (ER) 119-84, and French (B) def. Barton (ER) 96-87.

Game 2

Morgan (B) def. Ryan (ER) 107-89, Cartwright (B) def. Stone (ER) 107-44, Hitchcock (ER) def. Wallace (B) 108-76, Ballard (ER) def. Browder (B) 135-96, Moreno (B) def. Campbell 82-79, and J. Cartwright (B) def. Barton (ER) 83-41.

Game 3

Morgan (B) def. Ryan (ER) 153-109, Hitchcock (ER) def. N. Cartwright 110-106, Wallace (B) def. Stone (ER) 106-46, Ballard (ER) def. English (B) 112-90, Campbell (ER) def. Parrott (B) 98-83, and J. Cartwright def. Barton (ER) 97-40.


Game 1

Baker (B) def. Cody T. (ER) 124-115, Joey D. (ER) def. Norwood (B) 155-139, Blackwell (B) def. C. Deverson (ER) 174-49, Jones (B) def. Jon L. (ER) 212-124, Kaleb P. (ER) def. Henderson(B) 146-108.

Game 2

Norwood (B) def. Joey D. (ER) 140-126, Baker (B) def. Cody T. (ER) 167-156, Blackwell (B) def. C. Deverson (ER) 210-80, Jones (B) def. Jon L. (ER) 136-108, Kaleb P. (ER) def. Sneed (B) 162-123, and Suits (B) won by def.ault 120 pins.

Game 3

Norwood (B) def. Joey D. (ER) 169-106, Baker (B) def. Cody T. (ER) 180-146, Blackwell (B) def. C. Deverson (ER) 153-100, Jon L. def. Henderson(B) 146-101, Kaleb P. (ER) def. Rodriquez (B) 133-81, and Shannon (B) won by def.ault with 121 pins.

The BCHS Bear Bowlers are 4-0 in district play. The BCHS Bearette Bowlers are 3-1 in district play.