Bowman Hills students celebrate spring with projects
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Butterfly release party
BOWMAN HILLS SCHOOL Kindergartner Riley Hayes keeps an eye on one of the classroom caterpillars. Photo submitted by LaRayne Hall.
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The kindergarten and pre-K students at Bowman Hills School are getting ready for a butterfly release party.

They will dress up with butterfly wings, drink nectar from straws, and release the butterflies that have been maturing in their classroom for the past month. The butterflies arrived in their classroom as nearly microscopic caterpillars. The students put one caterpillar in each little plastic cup and put on lids. The caterpillars eventually attached to the lids when they formed their chrysalis. The lids were then taped to the inside of a butterfly net, where the children have been able to watch as they emerge as butterflies.

“They fly all around inside the net,” kindergartner Andrew Self said.

The children agree that watching the butterflies come out of their chrysalis and fly around is their favorite part of the process.

Meanwhile, the children are also enjoying watching buds emerge in the zinnias they planted in early March (during Z week). The students first planted the seeds in small pots. Then as they grew, they transplanted them in larger containers. The zinnias started blooming around the same time as the caterpillars hatched.

Kindergartner Charise Ryan said her favorite part was working in the dirt, while kindergartner Maddie Hoover enjoys spraying the plants with water. Pre-K student Veer Patel was quick to point out one of his flowers was already blooming, while the other students pointed out buds that were about ready to bloom.

“In March and April, we really do a lot with nature and Earth,” teacher LaRayne Hall said.

While watching nature unfold, the students have also been learning about recycling. After doing a skit for the entire school about recycling, students are now bringing items to school that can be taken to the recycling center.

“Our whole theme,” Hall said, “is taking care of the Earth and learning about nature and God’s creation.”