Braggin’ rights begin!
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Cleveland Daily Banner readers have spoken for a second consecutive year, and with an even louder voice than before!

We refer, of course, to Reader’s Choice 2013 which is our second annual salute to the “Best of Bradley County” as voted by area residents and Banner readers during an 11-day balloting blitz in mid-May.

Thousands of ballots were received by our newspaper in the mail and in person. A few weeks later, they’ve been sorted by classification and by category, and then counted ... and counted ... and counted!

Our tabulators’ eyes are weary and their knees are weak, but the work is done and the “Best of Bradley County” — in 174 categories — are unveiled in today’s edition of our newspaper.

All the winners — every single one of them — can be found in the 40-page tabloid included in today’s issue.

Let us offer a sincere and profound, “Congratulations!” We could say it 174 times, but perhaps this giant, collective one will suffice. Besides, throughout the day today and over the course of the next week, and beyond, our Cleveland and Bradley County community will be buzzing with such accolades.

Who are the people winners? Read the tabloid.

What are the finest businesses? Read the tabloid.

Which are the best organizations, services and professionals in the community? Read the tabloid.

Obviously, it is not a scientific survey. “Best of Bradley County” is a popular vote of the people who want to have a hand in recognizing the community value of a few individuals — persons, businesses, groups and others — who they believe make a genuine difference in our Cleveland and Bradley County hometown.

And who are we to argue? After all, this is the vote by the people for the people and about the people.

People like ...

Tom Rowland who is the best politician.

Dale Hughes who is the best community leader.

Terry McCoy who is the best volunteer.

Cara Rodgers, Carissa McConnell, Blake Beard and Barbie Buckner who are the best teachers.

Ron Spangler who is the best principal.

Dr. Sally Poston who is the best veterinarian.

Dr. Phil Griffin who is the best pastor.

Steve Hartline who is the best radio DJ.

Robbie Cody who is the best funeral director.

Bill Owens who is the best plumber.

Debbie Clayton who is the best banker.

Daren Brantley who is the best car salesman.

And certainly, our own Joe Cannon who is the best newspaper columnist, followed closely by our own David Davis.

Businesses like ...

Don Ledford Automotive which is the best in new car sales.

BB&T which is the best bank.

First Baptist Church which is the best worship center.

Garden Plaza which is the best retirement community.

Logan/Thompson which is the best law firm.

Mayfield Brothers which is the best pest control.

Town Squire which offers the best in men’s clothing.

Jimmie’s Florist which is the best florist.

Old Fort which is the best family restaurant.

Angela’s which has the best hamburgers.

Bald Headed Bistro which provides the best in fine dining.

And many, many, many others.

All are among the honored winners of Reader’s Choice 2013. Each is a “Best of Bradley County!”

We salute them all!

And we thank those who made their coming reign possible — the readers of the Cleveland Daily Banner.

Congratulations to all!

Now go forth and begin your year of braggin’ rights. You’ve earned it!