Congressional candidate Tracy wants common sense solutions
by JOYANNA LOVE Banner Senior Staff Writer
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Shelbyville lawmaker is seeking 4th District seat
Jim Tracy
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State Sen. Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville who represents the 14th Senatorial District and who is a candidate for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, stopped by the Cleveland Daily Banner during a recent visit to Bradley County to give his views on a variety of national issues.

Tracy announced his candidacy in January 2013. He is seeking the U.S. House of Representatives seat currently held by fellow Republican Scott DesJarlais.

“I have been a state senator for 10 years and we have been doing some really good things in Tennessee. I wanted to take some Tennessee common sense to Washington,” Tracy said.

He said the biggest issue facing the 4th Congressional District is jobs. He said the government needs to “create an atmosphere to help communities create jobs.”

Tracy stressed a balanced budget amendment needs to be passed by Washington, D.C., leaders that parallels a model that has proven successful in Tennessee for years.

“We need to streamline government, make it more effective, more efficient,” Tracy said.

He said lower taxes is one method that has worked in Tennessee.

Another would be to limit government from “overreach” in their lives, Tracy added. He pointed to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) as having a negative impact on jobs as an “overreach of the government in health care.”

“I want to take the experience I have on the state level and the experience I have as a small business owner to Washington, D.C.,” Tracy said.

He believes now is not a good time to raise the minimum wage to $10.10.

“We need to keep things exactly as they are. Anything that unsettles business, they won’t hire anybody,” Tracy said.

While he believes it is smart business for employers to pay men and women the same pay for the same job, he does not think this should be federally mandated.

The nation’s debt needs to be addressed, the tax code needs to be simplified and wasteful spending needs to be eliminated, Tracy said.

He stressed government needs to be run “more like a business” and that using zero-based budgeting needs to be implemented.

One way to streamline federal government would be eliminating the U.S. Department of Education, he believes.

“I believe in local control of education,” Tracy said.

Tracy favors Tennessee having its own educational standards. “I am against Common Core,” he noted.

He said throughout his years in the state Legislature he has worked with both the Republican and Democratic parties to pass legislation.

“We need strong conservative leaders,” he stressed. “A conservative leader will get people to follow them. You sell your ideas.”

Tracy said selling ideas to “the people” is key to having them influence their senators and representatives on how to vote on an issue.

Selling ideas and convincing congressmen they are in the best interest of the country would be how to get legislation passed, he said.

“That’s the way I have done it in the state Legislature,” Tracy said. “I think it is about talking to each other and communicating with each other.”

As a senator, Tracy has served as the chairman of the Transportation and Safety Commission.

“I’m very proud that our roads are some of the best in the country,” Tracy said.

Tracy pointed out that he also co-sponsored the bill to eliminate the death tax.

The country needs to be self-sufficient in energy so that it does not influence foreign policy, the congressional hopeful feels. He also believes sanctions, and not troops, are the answer to resolving the crisis in the Ukraine.

Tracy favors building the Keystone pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the Gulf.

“If we can be energy independent, that would solve a lot of our problems,” Tracy said. This will be one of his priorities if elected, he noted.