Fitness reigns for Dawniel King
by WILLIAM WRIGHT, Lifestyles Editor
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Dawniel King
Dawniel King
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When Dawniel King competed in the Team Universe National Physique Committee show and won her pro card for the International Federation of BodyBuilding, she called it the completion of a major dream in her life.

Now the bodybuilding, nutrition advocate is out to inspire others to make nutrition, fitness and staying in shape a part of the overall completion of their lives. King, who is preparing for her pro debut later this year, said, “When you start out doing something like this, you have to set many small goals in order to find any success. But that one dream that you want so bad pushes you to the next level. Getting my pro card was me achieving that dream. As a career, it provides an opportunity to compete with the best in the world. It also provides an opportunity to reach a greater audience and have greater influence in the sport.”

The Team Universe NPC is the premier amateur physique organization in the world of bodybuilding and the IFBB is the premier professional bodybuilding organization. King admits this will be a step up for her in competition, something she is excited about.

“The stakes have changed. They are much higher now and I’m not getting any younger,” said King, who won first place in the NPC Knox Classic for figure in August 2010.

“In order to compete at this next level I constantly have to be on my game. For these women, its more than staying in shape, its a way of life and I am honored to become part of that. In order to compete you have to take nutrition and training to a whole new level. Every bite and every rep has to be utilized to its fullest potential. You have a very specific goal to achieve and nothing can be left to chance.”

Even so, King said she has to maintain a balanced lifestyle and take time off every year to let her body rest. “That doesn’t mean that I stop eating healthy and working out,” she explained. “But I pull back the intensity on both for awhile and enjoy the things that most of us love. I was the dieter who would eat whatever I wanted, then try to “work off” what i just ate. I would also do a diet for a couple weeks then give up because I didnt see results within two weeks. “I have learned that neither work! The answer is always the same; diet and exercise. They go hand in hand. I realized it took time to put on the weight and it takes time to change it. It didnt happen over night. But each day I improved a little more. Now I look back at old photos and I think to myself, “who are you?” I encourage everyone out there, don’t give up, keep pushing forward and stop listening to everyone around you. If you want to make a change, then commit to it.”

The Ohio native said she is actively involved in helping other women discover ways to live a healthier life and is urging parents to become proactive with their children in getting in shape and staying that way.

“I encourage parents to take an active role in the nutrition and physical activity of their children. Setting a proper foundation for a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated. My two boys, Ethan and Alex, watch and see how hard I work and what I eat. I feel that I am giving them a good example to live by. My oldest is 7 and he will ask, ‘Is this good protein?’ It’s so easy, as a parent, to hit a drive thru window but we really need to ask ourselves, what are we teaching our children? “Packing quality snacks before you leave the house saves money and your child’s health. When shopping, I make them pick one vegetable and one fruit that they agree to eat before they are allowed to have any sort of snack. My oldest recently did a child’s triathalon at the local YMCA. It was so rewarding for us as parents to see these kids coming around the final turn and realizing that our son was in the front of the pack. We didn’t even know he could run like that. After the race, he asked if he could start training for a 5K. It’s moments like these when we know that we are giving our children a good foundation to a healthy lifestyle.”

King credits the support of her husband, Nathan, as one of the major keys to her success, adding, “I have been married for 12 years and there is no way that I would be able to compete at this level if it wasn’t for my husband. He is the reason that I got into this in the first place and sometimes I think that he enjoys it more than I do. He is great about encouraging me to chase my dreams and help me believe in myself when I start to doubt.”

When asked what she’s learned about fitness and its importance over the years, King said, “It reminds me everyday that I have the power to change. Life is full of obstacles, but with desire and dedication you can rise above them. I was very unsure of myself when I first started training. I had no idea what I was doing with diet and exercise. Fortunately, my husband was very good at this sort of thing and he began walking me through it. Finally, I began to become more confident and aware of what I was doing and realized it doesn’t have to be difficult.

“For example, always eat several small meals a day and never stop eating! This is the shocker for most people. I don’t starve myself, I just eat the right foods and I eat them often. Remember that anything is an improvement, big or small. Always challange yourself physically to help keep your body guessing.”

King has added a fitness clothing line, Buff Bones, to her recent accomplishments — fulfilling another dream of hers as a trend-setter in the field of fashion fitness. For futher information, visit Dawniel King at: To view her clothing line, visit