Foothills Country Fair concludes
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Foothills Fair
TOT MISS  winners at the Foothills Country Fair 2013 were, from left, second runner-up Kenna Elizabeth Young of Cleveland, winner Carley Cross of Benton and first  runner-up Meleigh Poe of Cleveland.
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FCE has Cultural Arts winners at the Foothills Country Fair

A call for creativity and hard work were in evidence at the Foothills Country Fair for the Cultural Arts competition and exhibits. The Best of Show recipients included Ron Heil and Paul Brzozowski in Woodworking, Bill Bartle in Basketry and Barbara Trentham in Horticulture.

Taking first place in the following categories were:

Foods — Cupcakes: Susan McCormick; Brownies: Mary Bagley; Fruit Muffins: Nancy Hughes; Quick Breads: Mariann Dietrich; and Brown Eggs: Erin Fuller.

Canning — Beets, Greens and Carrots: Kenneth Roark; Corn and Green Beans: Briana Rogers; Other Beans, Other Pickled Items, Potatoes-Irish and Sweet, and Soup: Susan McCormick; Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Other Canned Vegetables, Cucumber Pickles, Okra-Pickled, Relish and ChowChow: David Varnell; Other Canned Fruit, Peaches and Squash: Doyle Parmer; Peppers/Pickled: Kolbie Colton; Salsa: Louie Alford; Sauces: Valerie Burger; Any Jam: Nancy Hughes; and Any Jelly: Diane Hei.

Photography — Animals, People and Landscape: Susan McCormick; and Still Life: Debbie Moore.

Handicrafts — Basket (Woven) and Best of Show: Bill Bartle; Clothing: Diane Heil; Crocheted Item: Nancy Hughes; Knitted Items (Hand): Susan McCormick; Accessories: Diane Heil; Scrapbook Page: Susan McCormick; Other Handicraft: Robin Meachum; Woodworking (Small): Paul Brzozowski, Best of Show; (Large) Ron Heil, Best of Show; and Furniture: Tim McCracken.

Art Work — Pencil/Ink: Ron Burger; Landscape: June Parks; People: Kolbie Colton; Other Art and Holiday: Susan McCormick; Birdhouse: Regina Blackwell; Ceramic: Carla Boudrot; and Other Handicraft: Barbara Trentham.

Horticulture — Berries and Pole Beans: Diane Heil; Other Beans: Dania Parker; Cucumbers: Rick McCormick; Peppers: Kolbie Colton; Hot Peppers (Any Variety): David Varnell; Pumpkin: Tonya Jones; Yellow Squash: Rick McCormick; Tomatoes (Other): Regina Blackwell; Yellow Corn, Other Hay, Corn Haylage and Other Haylage: Howard Moore; Soybeans: John Eads; Potted Plant: Dab Mathews; Herbs (Other): Diane Heil; Flowers (Annual): Valerie Burger; Perennials: Cassandra Cox; Trees and Shrubs: Camille Cox; Potted Plant/Foliage, Potted Pant/Large (Best of Show) and Potted Plant/Variegated (Best of Show): Barbara Trentham; and Potted Plant/Small: Jackie Westfield.

Second-place winners were:

Foods — Quick Breads: Mary Bagley; and Brown Eggs: Clyde Mathews;

Canning — Beets: Susan McCormick; Green Beans and Other Pickled Items: Doyle Parmer; Kraut: Kenneth Roark; Greens and Salsa: David Varnell; Tomatoes: Valerie Burger; Cucumber Pickles and Peaches: Briana Rogers; Relish: Ron Moore; Sauces and Squash: Susan McCormick; and Any Jam: Tom Orr.

Photography — Animals: Will Moore; People: Debbie Moore; and Still Life: Susan McCormick.

Handicrafts — Crocheted Item: Regina Blackwell; Knitted Items: (Hand): Nancy Hughes; Other Handicraft: Susan McCormick; Woodworking (Small): Mary Bagley; and Woodworking (Furniture): Doyle McCracken.

Art Work: Pencil/Ink and Holiday: Dale McClure.

Horticulture — Cucumbers: Louie Alford; Hot Peppers: Kolbie Colton; Tomatoes and Other Tomatoes: Rick McCormick; Herbs (Other): Regina Blackwell; Flowers (Annual): Ron Burger; Perennials: Camille Cox; Trees and Shrubs: Cassandra Cox; Potted Plant/Foliage and Potted Plant/Variegated: Nancy Alford.

Third-place winners were: Cathy Tanck: Quick Breads; Ron Burger: Brown Eggs; Kenneth Roark: Green Beans; Kolbie Colton: Kraut; Doyle Palmer: Greens; Susan McCormick: Tomatoes, Cucumber Pickles and Peaches; David Varnell, Other Pickled Items and Squash; Debbie Moore, Rellish; Ron Moore, Salsa and Hot Peppers (Horticulture); Traci Hamilton, Any Jam; Photography: Debbie Moore, Animals; Mary Bagley, People and Landscape; and Amy Blackwood, Still Life and Landscape.

Others participating in the Cultural Arts were Tonya Jones, Amy Blackwood and Will Moore (Photography), Mariann Dietrich (Handicraft); and Camille Cox, Amy Westfield and Jackie Westfield (Horticulture).

Youth Division Winners were:

Eggs: Knox Fuller, first;

Baking — Quick Bread: Sarah Tanck, first;

Art Work (Pencil/Ink): Chanda Hughes, first, and Brooklyn Hughes, second; (Acrylic): Chanda Hughes, first.

Participants in the Cultural Arts and Horticultural categories at the Foothills Country Fair may pick up their entries between the hours of 9 and 10:30 a.m. on Monday. For more information, call the UT Extension office at 728-7001.