God’s intervention
by BETTIE MARLOWE, Banner Staff Writer
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A man observed an ant searching for food, so he put down a crumb for him to find. The ant somehow couldn’t get started in the right direction to get to the crumb, so each time the ant started in the wrong direction, the man put his finger in his path, so it would turn around. This happened several times until, finally, the ant was guided to the crumb — success at last. But not without intervention from someone who could see the whole picture.

How many times has God intervened in your life when you were going in the wrong direction? Many people in the Scripture benefitted from God’s intervention. One of the most well-known was Paul. He really thought he was doing the right thing, but he was stopped on the way to Damascus by Christ Himself. The finger of God come down right in his path and this intervention changed Paul’s life. Paul found a place in the Kingdom. And he never stopped glorifying the Lord, as he preached the Gospel, reaching countless others for Christ.

When God intervenes in our lives, it’s for a reason. There is a purpose for us in His plans. Remember Moses and the burning bush? Moses had settled in an ordinary life after leaving Egypt — married and pursuing a livelihood in the land of his new family. But God had a plan for His children and it included Moses. The plan had been set in motion way back when Moses was set afloat in the bulrushes and even before that. And now it coming together for the ultimate purpose for God’s people to leave Egypt’s bondage.

Sometimes when our plans seem to have been thwarted, we think, “Why am I being hindered?” And it doesn’t enter our minds that God is working out something in us — that He is moving us in another direction. That’s when it’s time to seek Him to enter His plans.

A missionary returning home was the honored guest at a dinner to relate the story of her missionary travels. She was introduced with flowery phrases, such as “We’re anxious to hear how God has blessed her plans.”

The missionary stood up and acknowledged the speaker with this statement: “Well, I have to tell you God has never blessed any of my plans.” The audience gave a quiet gasp, then she continued, “But I learned He did very well with His plans, so I just sought those and got into them.”

I’m sure the man called Legion in the Gadarenes was glad for the intervention of Christ. After the Lord intervened, the man could go home as a witness for his deliverance. Jesus had to leave the area, and even though the man wanted to go with Him, he was left for a purpose.

And how about the man at the pool of Bethesda. His was a daily disappointment. For years, he had lain by the pool hoping to be able to receive healing when the waters were troubled. No doubt, he had probably lost hope and it had just become routine for him to be among those who were seeking a deliverance.

But one day Jesus came and intervened in the daily routine. “Take up your bed ...” were the word of the Healer. Things changed. When Jesus intervenes, everything changes.

When Jesus came, He:

... rebuked the winds (Matthew 8:26).

... touched their eyes (Matthew 9:29).

... said to the man, stretch forth (Matthew 12:13).

... turned and saw them (John 1:38).

... said to them again, peace (John 20:21).

And thank God for the greatest intervention of all — our redemption through His death on the cross.