Greenway users enjoy a set of special ‘R’s’ during its use
by Cameron Fisher
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At the end of May, WCLE radio hosted a handful of guests to talk all about the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway.

We discussed a lot of aspects, but through the morning I came up with a set of “R’s” as it relates to the Greenway. I shared them on the air and thought I would put them down here for posterity.

They are (in no particular order):

- Rare: Our Greenway is unique in its design, history and practicality. While other communities have greenways, ours is one-of-a-kind.

- Reminisce: There is not a better outdoor location than the Greenway to catch up with friends and recall some good times. Check it out at almost any time of the day and you’ll see it happening.

- Recreate: The Greenway is becoming more and more a place for events, particularly recreational fundraisers like 5K races and walk-a-thons. It is also a hot spot for other kinds of recreation such as the playground, Frisbee and catch in the park.

- Run: This would be one of my favorite, and most used, “R’s” of the Greenway. Hands down it is the safest, most efficient and popular running spot in town.

- Ride: For many of the bikers out there, the Greenway has become their venue of choice for their exercise or recreational routines.

- Romance: There are not many places in town that offer as much as the Greenway does for spending time with loved ones. I know of at least one couple that became engaged at their favorite spot.

- Rest: While “rest” may not immediately come to mind when thinking about the Greenway, I find it one of the most restful places in town. The rest I’m talking about deals more with rest of the mind as I am able to take myself to another place when I run the Greenway.

- Right: As we look back at the decision by several individuals to float the idea of a Greenway and then have the courage to implement it, we can clearly see that it was the “right” decision, one that will affect our community positively for generations to come.

If we had the space I would use another letter of the alphabet to describe our Greenway, but today we’ll stick with R.

The next time you’re on it, pick a letter and see what you can come up with. You might be surprised at how easy it is to describe our wonderful community asset.



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