Inventor Jon Dewey shares secrets to a better garden
by Bettie Marlowe
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Innovative gardening is here
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Jon Dewey

Jon Dewey of Etowah wants gardeners to be the “envy of their neighborhoods.” As an avid gardener himself for more than 30 years and an amateur scientist, he said he has invented countless new types of plants and also two of the “best fertilizers in the world.” This information is revealed in his new book, “The 20-Foot Tomato Plant.”

His amazing creations include the Waterstick® that allows a person to use less water and less fertilizer by watering and fertilizing directly at root level.

The added benefit is that with the Waterstick and the fertilizers, bigger, stronger and healthier plants will produce huge amounts of vegetables.

Dewey said one can do this in the fraction of the space used in a typical garden. “I also have several patents on my inventions,” Dewey said, “and I will be sharing those secrets with you to grow some of the biggest, best and most amazing plants you have ever see. I’m sure this will make you the envy of the neighborhood.“

The publication of his new book, “The 20-Foot Tomato Plant: How to grow more vegetables than you ever imaged in the Waterstick Grow System” was on Dec. 3, 2013, by BookCountry. The 129-page (estimated) book is available in digital format on ($9.99) and Kindle ($7.99).

Dewey said, “In the book, I give you step-by-step instructions on how to build my patented WaterStick, how to make my Super42Vitalizer fertilizer, and my Organic Pest Repellent called Bug Juice.”

The WaterStick, he explains, is a device to water and fertilize plants directly at root level. By using the WaterStick you will use up to 75 percent less water and fertilizer, “simply because you are watering and feeding your plants at root level.”

The Super42Vitalizer is a blended fertilizer which has a powerful vitamin formula added to make plants grow bigger, stronger and healthier, which will produce more vegetables.

Last, but not least, Dewey said, “is my Organic Pest Repellent called Bug Juice. It is easy to make and will keep the bugs off plants and is a fantastic fertilizer as well.

He said he invented Bug Juice because he needed a good pest repellent to use in the WaterStick, “but wanted one that was organic and free of any dangerous pesticides that could be transmitted into the vegetables.”

Dewey said there are also many tips in the book to make the gardening experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. “I wrote the book so I could teach people my methods of growing as much food as possible in backyard gardens, so they could grow a better quality of food, and cut down on their grocery bill at the same time.”

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