Joy Writing: And suddenly, life takes another great turn
by By JOYANNA LOVE Banner Staff Writer
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Suddenly: quickly and unexpectedly.

Many events in my life can best be described by this word. Like when I suddenly truly felt Lee University was the school for me.

Like when after two months of searching I was suddenly offered a position at the Cleveland Daily Banner.

But those events are in the past.

Suddenly deals with the present. It holds excitement of the future that a climax is seconds away.

Suddenly, I am no longer Joyanna Weber.

Suddenly, I am Joyanna Love.

I have told many people in leading up to this moment that I believe I have the best name ever. My husband, Jeremy, is quick to agree.

The thing about suddenly is there is usually a back story. One I’m sure at least some readers are interested in hearing. Don’t worry, I will spare you the romantic details.

(The irony of this column is that because of deadline and print times I am writing it before my suddenly moment.)

Whenever I tell this story, I always ask myself where to start. This time I will start with Jeremy, a truly amazing man. (And yes, he knows his name will be in my column this week.)

He has an amazing smile and loves me more than I thought was possible of a human being.

I have learned so much from Jeremy that I treasure and would not trade for anything. He has been there for me when I didn’t think I could face the situation that lay ahead.

Of course, he also knows half of Cleveland, so many of you already know how great he is.

Our journey to suddenly being the Love couple is full of little suddenlys. Like when he suddenly showed up at my church. When he suddenly started sitting next to me.

The biggest one of all came last August, when he pulled out a ring and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him.

As already evidenced by this column, I said yes.

We met through mutual friends.

My mom and a friend at church claim dual credit for praying him into my life.

I found out he liked me on Jan. 1, 2012, and by March we both knew we were more than friends. We just weren’t sure what to call this in-between thing. So we gave it a name, and started spending more time together.

Then one day I suddenly said, “Can I just call you my boyfriend?”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

My journey toward being Mrs. Love (that looks so cool!) has come with a lot of growth and realization.

Such as realizing I would suddenly be a pastor’s wife.

Jeremy is the youth pastor at our church. I have enjoyed working with him in this.

I feel like I’ve changed so much from the person I was Jan. 1, 2012 , but it’s been for the better.

Suddenly is a climax, but it reflects a lot of work. The suddenly of Mrs. Love required eight hours of premarital counseling (it offers a nice discount for the marriage license), multiple dress alterations, planning, song selection, photographers, budgeting, shopping, invitations, flowers, thank you cards and maintaining enough concentration to still work 40 hours week.

In literary terms in a classic story diagram, there is a falling action following the climax, just before the end or “the happily ever after.”

It’s a time of no suddenlys, no surprises. It is a time of resolution and tying up loose ends.

In fairy tales, peace is often restored to a once-chaotic kingdom. And this is how I see the remainder of our wedding after the “I do’s” to be.

A sense of peace, of that we finally reached the moment we had been waiting nearly a year for.

So, I will linger in the falling action of “my happily ever after” until another suddenly starts us off on another adventure.

A new byline is present in this paper, one that I have dreamed of seeing in print for a while now ... By Joyanna Love ... Banner Staff Writer.