Keeping it Green: Local poet R.G. Wolfe captures the very spirit of the Greenway
by Cameron Fisher Cleveland/Bradley Greenway Board
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On April 13 at the “Chalk the Walk” event on the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway, I met a gentleman who was participating by purchasing one of the 88 "squares" sold to display your chalk talent to the community.

His name is R.G. Wolfe and I was intrigued by his work, not because it was a stellar piece of art, but because of its message. Someone that day told me there was a gentleman (Mr. Wolfe) who had created a grid of letters, like a crossword puzzle and my name was included in it.

Of course, that piqued my interest! Mr. Wolfe’s creation did indeed contain my name, but along with it, other “buzzwords” and personalities associated with the Greenway.

During the course of our conversation, I learned Mr. Wolfe had only recently discovered the benefits and rewards of walking on the Greenway. He purchased a space, not to compete as an artist, but to pay tribute to our Greenway.

At the bottom of his square that day he “chalked” the following poem, which he composed especially for that day. I have been writing this column since 2010 and have never been able to capture the essence of the Greenway quite like Mr. Wolfe has done.

If you were not able to view his artwork before it was washed away by Mother Nature, allow me to share it here:

“Take a walk along the way,

Listen what the hikers say.

It’s a healthy place for sun,

Lose some pounds when you are done.

You’ll see nature at its best,

While amid it, stop to rest.

Smell the blooms and hear the brook,

Take the time to hone your look.

Birds and bees go flitting by,

Dogs and cats will catch your eye.

Hopping bunnies nibble grass,

Look, a sign on how to pass.

Suntanned bikers whiz by fast,

Give them room as they go past.

Baby buggies take it slow,

Oft with puppies in their tow.

Greenway users like to boast,

Bragging up what they like most.

It’s the beauty of the walk,

That’s the topic of their talk.

Also great is healthy gain,

Never mind if you feel pain.

It will usually go away,

If you walk it every day.”

Mr. Wolfe’s poem touches nearly every facet of why we love the Greenway. He found a way to incorporate the Greenway’s beauty, including the sounds of Mouse Creek, assorted bird, plant and animal life.

He addressed the health aspects, from losing weight to riding a bicycle. He mentions the people of all ages, and the conversations he has had that I’m sure inspired him. He even found a way to invite you to sit on one of the many benches along the way to take it all in.

As you read the poem, I hope you were reminded, as I was, of the benefits of having the Greenway in our community. Thank you, R.G. Wolfe!