Letters to the Editor
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Lee gets big

‘thank you’

for being Lee

To The Editor:

I am writing to thank, and to compliment, Lee University for the contribution the school makes to those of us here in Cleveland.

From Lee’s adult basic education program to the many theatrical and musical offerings from the talented students and faculty who put in so many hours of hard work and effort, this university is truly here for our Cleveland and Bradley County community.

Truly, Lee University makes Cleveland a better place to live.

Thank you Lee for all you do!

— Ann Arnwine


Snyder, Marr

should not

leave posts

To The Editor:

Amen for June Snyder. Someone should speak up. Thank you, June.

As June said [in a previous “Letter To The Editor”], adultery is a sin, not a crime. Let those who are innocent of sin cast the first stone.

The Bible says in Matthew 5:28, “Whosoever looketh at a woman with lust in his heart hath committed adultery with her in his heart.” That probably doesn’t leave many with a rock in their hand.

This man [Wes Snyder] and woman [Sharon Marr] should not have their lives destroyed by something that is more common and frequent than eating ice cream. I don’t think either should step down for a sin. You cannot legislate morality, nor does a certain few have the right to try.

He has been good and loyal as a police officer, captain and police chief.

We have enough churches in town to take care of any sins that may have been committed.

— Nancy Hughes