Lifelines: Bad news ... good news
by Bettie Marlowe Banner Staff Writer
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Here we are, only about three weeks until spring. I’m sure it will get a warm welcome this year after the cold that kept us shivering and sent our electric and gas bills soaring.

Weatherwise, isn’t it odd that heat makes us appreciate the cold and cold makes us appreciate the heat. Drought makes us appreciate the rain, but floods make us appreciate a dry spell.

It’s all in the perspective.

I have learned that good news is only as good as the bad news is bad. For example, if someone offered to pay off all your bills and you owned a half million dollars, that would be good news indeed. But if you owed only a few dollars, it would take the edge off somewhat. Pretty good news, sure, but not earthshaking.

The Old Testament is full of bad news ... but also tells the promise of the coming of the Messiah and deliverance — because of the love of God. Backsliding and repenting fill the pages of the first 39 books of the Bible — men just could not live righteous lives through the law.

The good news bursts forward in the New Testament. In the very first books, Christ comes on the scene and begins to fulfill those wonderful promises. The bad news of sin and destruction could be wiped out through Christ’s death and resurrection. There could be no worse news than to be lost. But there could be no greater good news than the saving power of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed with the knowledge of our Lord.

Sometimes someone will ask, “Which do you want to hear first — the good news or the bad news?”

And we contemplate — “How bad is the bad news?” — with a dread feeling in the heart. In the spiritual sense, that is called “conviction” and it comes through the Holy Spirit. And it is comes because “... God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16 KJV).

There are many times in the Scripture where bad news made things seem hopeless, but God made the difference. Joseph was sold into slavery, but God made him a ruler in Egypt; the Israelites were trapped between Pharoah and “deep blue sea,” but God opened up a way; Elijah got hungry, but a woman experienced a miracle that fed them both; Goliath was a conquering giant, but God used the shepherd boy David to bring him down ... and so on and on.

Satan thought he had won when Jesus died on the cross and was buried. But the good news came through the resurrection. He lives! And because He lives, we, too, live.

I guess that’s why I love spring. It’s a reminder of the resurrection — from death to life — and that is good news.