Lifelines: Just because He loves us ...
by By BETTIE MARLOW Banner Staff Writer
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A song goes, “My Jesus knows when I am lonely ... He understands my every heartache; He understands because He cares” ... and my every need supplies.

No need is too minute or too big for Jesus to fill. The thing to remember is that Jesus cares. And because He cares, we can go to Him with every problem. He has already got the victory.

When Jesus returned to Capernaum after being invited to leave the land of the Gadarenes, the people received Him with gladness. As he visited around the area, the people crowded around Him so that it was easy to get lost in the crowd (Luke 8:1).

The woman with the issue of blood thought she was unnoticed. But she had a reason for being there — she had been troubled with a disease 12 years and although she had spent everything she had seeking medical healing, it just didn't happen. Christ was her hope for life — she needed a miracle (Luke 8:43).

Even the writer Luke, the physician, acknowledged that "neither could be healed of any."

Her miracle fit into Jesus' schedule quite well. Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, was waiting for Him. His 12-year-old daughter was dying and he fell at Jesus' feet, saying, "Come and lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live."

Even though Jesus' could have healed the child with a word, he started to the house of Jairus. And it was on the way, with people crowding and shoving as he went, that the woman pressed her way into the edge of the crowd. No doubt, she too, had waited for the Healer. But she had become lost in the crowd.

But not to Jesus. As she pushed her way toward him, she realized that all she could hope to do was touch the border (or fringe) of His garment. "But if I can do that," she thought, "I'll be healed." Her faith wasn't lost.

When she touched the source of healing power, immediately she was healed. She knew it and Christ knew it!

When He asked, "Who touched me?" it was a chance for her to acknowledge that her healing came from this man Jesus. And she fell trembling before Him.

There was no wondering, "Am I the one?"

The disciples reminded their Lord that many were touching Him. But this was different. The woman who had no hope until now was noticed by the Son of God because of her faith.

He told her, "Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace."

And what happened to the little girl? When Jesus arrived at her house, she had died. "She sleepeth," was Jesus' diagnosis. But "Fear not; believe only, and she shall be made whole."

Ignoring the laughter of people who had gathered there, he told her family and friends, "Weep not." Jesus then took her by the hand and said, "Maid, arise."

“Oh, how He loves you and me; Oh how He loves you and me; He gave His life — what more could He do; Oh how He loves you — Oh, how He loves me; Oh, how He loves you and me.”

God answers our prayers simply because He loves us and recognizes our faith — not because we deserve or earn His mercy.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me because I know I am so unlovable.