Mother Interrupted: Mom gets frantic over an Easter egg hunt
by Debra Carpenter
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Normally, I like to think I’m pretty organized. I know where everything in the house is whether it belongs to me or not, which is a good thing when my husband can’t find his favorite T-shirt (it’s folded up on top of the dresser) or when my daughter is having a meltdown because her Lalaloopsy doll is apparently “gone forever” (it’s on her bed).

But in life, and in organization, you win some and you lose some. This is the story of me “losing some”— OK, a lot.

Last year, I bought a lot of Easter stuff while it was on sale in preparation for this year. Tons of plastic eggs, that annoying green grass that goes in the basket but somehow ends up threaded into the carpet and my hair, a few Easter baskets, stuffed rabbits and even a cute wooden “Spring is here!” sign to hang on my door.

I made a big production out of it.

“Look at how much I saved! Come next Easter, we won’t have to buy a thing. We’ll be all set! I’m so thrifty.”

And you know, if I had been able to keep up with this surplus of Easter items, all these things would have been true.

But I dropped the ball. Or would it be “egg?” I lost the enormous amount of Easter eggs, the annoying grass, the baskets, stuffed rabbits and even the cute wooden “Spring is here!” sign to hang on my door. I don’t really know how it’s possible to lose such a large quantity of brightly colored items, but I managed to do it. And since I was so sure I had my Easter stockpile safely nestled away somewhere in the house, I didn’t even bother to look for it until this week.

It’s painful for me to tell you that I was acting really smug about it, too. I had a smirk on my face as I walked to the closet to retrieve the stuff. I think I even said, “I feel so sorry for all those moms who are going to rush to the store and pay jacked-up prices for all this Easter stuff ...” on my way to grab the box.

And when my overly confident hands reached out to grab the Easter items but instead grasped a box of Christmas decorations, my heart sank. I realized I hadn’t actually seen my collection of Easter goodies in a long time. I started to panic. And that’s when the real Easter egg hunt began.

When people say they “turned the house upside down” looking for something, they were probably exaggerating. What they really meant is that they were frantically searching for something and that in the process, a few things might have gotten overturned, briefly.

But when I tell you that I turned the house upside down looking for this pastel-colored parcel, I’m not exaggerating. Every item we own that has a right side up was upside down during my search. And even though I looked absolutely everywhere and even in places where it couldn’t have possibly been (“OK, it’s definitely not under the dresser”), I had no luck. The Easter stockpile was now just a giant box of “Lost and Found” without the Found.

I ended up going to the store alongside all those moms I was feeling terribly sorry for and paying those same jacked-up prices that I had so smugly spoken of before. I ended up spending more than four times what I paid for the lost Easter items.

So, when I’m hiding those eggs for the real Easter egg hunt this year, I’m going to put them in easily visible areas to make sure none get lost. I just don’t think I can handle losing another Easter egg.

Happy Easter!


(Editor’s Note: Debra Carpenter is a novice mother, wife and college student. She writes a weekly column on the comedy of motherhood and blogs for The Huffington Post. She’s online at and on Twitter @interrupted_ma.)