Mother Interrupted: My tiny little actress in Halloween costume
by Debra Carpenter
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Normally, Halloween sort of sneaks up on me. I guess that’s fitting for a holiday originally based on celebrating and remembering death.

The leaves start dropping off the trees, fall break ends just as quickly as it came, and while I’m trying to find my jacket and get used to the fact that flip-flops are no longer appropriate footwear, Halloween just sort of happens. This year is a little different though, thanks to my daughter.

Molly’s old enough now to develop full-blown obsessions. That’s normal, right?

Halloween is the current focus of her undivided attention — especially the costumes — and it has been now for about two months. In a single day, she might appear as up to eight different characters. A little math (which I’m terrible at, I’ll admit it), and we can see that she has already appeared in costume about 480 times this year. What? That has to be above the national average, even for professional actors, right?

I want a bumper sticker that says “... my kid is above average,” but with no further detail. Just let me have this one thing, OK?

We are the proud owners of all these costumes thanks to my mom, yard sales, Goodwill and well-meaning family who send costumes and outfits without knowing about Molly’s dress-up addiction. But the costumes aren’t the extent of her Halloween hang-ups. She’s also infatuated with The Nightmare Before Christmas, which terrified me endlessly as a child, and she can’t get enough of Casper.

It didn’t occur to me that this could be problematic until I heard her sing (in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas), “This is Halloween, everybody scream! Skeletums (skeletons) love that Pumpkin King.” So, on second thought, maybe we’ll have a brief hiatus from the “scary” movies.

I’m more than a little surprised at her love for Halloween and the macabre. This is, after all, coming from a small, blonde-haired girl who loves Disney princesses as much as me (no easy feat) and insists on wearing those pink plastic high heels that you buy in the toy aisle, but only when they match her outfit. We’re actually relieved that she’s just as comfortable in a skeleton suit, lion costume or werewolf mask as she is in a princess dress. Since she’s a future actress, it’s good to have this kind of range.

This eccentric child of mine loves to dress up and act the part. I can’t imagine where she got that from, but I’m not complaining. Hanging out with Molly while she’s in costume is like getting free admission to a one-woman show, except with no real plot line and pauses every three minutes for applause (her idea).

Now that Halloween is passing by, we have many more obsessions — I mean, holidays — to look forward to. After I hide the costumes, of course.


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