Nancy Zierenberg: The ‘jewel’ behind N-Fluence Jewelry
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NANCY ZIERENBERG, owner of N-Fluence Jewelry and Designs, has created a line of jewelry as unique as the people she designed it for. The Cleveland wife and mother said she wanted to create a quality line of original jewelry that influenced the senses and enhanced a lifestyle of originality, fun and excitement. Photo by WILLIAM WRIGHT
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Those who know Nancy Zierenberg best might describe her as “a jewel” with “a heart of gold,” which is why it comes as no surprise that she would be involved in designing jewelry that celebrates the outer beauty of the inner person.

The owner and designer of N-Fluence Jewelry and Designs in Cleveland said her line of carefully crafted, handmade designer jewelry makes the perfect accessory for ladies young and old who enjoy the elegant decorations that comes with a colorful life.

“Jewelry should enhance and complement your outfit as well as make a statement,” Zierenberg said. “It’s something that makes you feel good. You want to wear it. You want to enjoy it. I like the originality of my jewelry.

“That’s a very important element about N-Fluence and what’s so attractive about this niche. You’re not going to see it walking around on anyone else. It’s exciting and fun!”

With a background in graphic arts and interior decorations, Zierenberg says design is ultimately about stimulating the senses, something her jewelry accomplished by dazzling customers at the recent Artisans Festival at the Museum Center at Five Points in July.

Her pearl collection is aptly called “The Mermaid’s Purse.” Anything with shells is called “Beach Bling” from her “Low Tide Collection,” and anything with stones is from her “Mother Nature Collection.”

“I have a holiday collection and a girly-girl line for little girls,” she added. “I’m also starting a line for men.”

When it comes to seeking the finest jewels for her collections, Zierenberg (who is part Italian, part Czechoslovakian) becomes a citizen of the world as she travels in search of the right gems. She gets much of her jewels from the Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona.

“It’s a fabulous place!,” she said. “They have high-end jewelry — diamonds from the Middle East and Africa — diamonds and Sapphires from Israel, funky shells and beads from Wisconsin, and African wood beads.

“The Asian Room has the best pearls in the world! And the Tahitian black pearls — they still harvest their pearls the way they’ve done for hundreds of years — by free diving. I love the black mineral market in Charleston! They have the prettiest crystals and stones.”

The South Carolina native said there is a supplier in Aiken where she get much of her “findings — sterling silver or high quality plated silver — they’re so unique. You’re getting something that is one of a kind,” she said.

She started making fine jewelry as gifts for family and friends and discovered she had a talent and, more importantly, a passion for the profession.

“For me, it was easy to do and my eye started to look closely at this market,” she said. “I thought, ‘I know I can make affordable jewelry and even prettier things.’ When you look at texture, color, shape, size, balance — it’s three-dimensional. When you start playing around with shapes and sizes, and the colors are complementary — it’s very soothing to a visual learner and I’m very much a visual learner.”

Although the quality of her handcrafted jewelry makes Zierenberg’s designs unique, it is also the character of the person and her own personal accomplishments that speak to the real quality of her work.

“I’ve always been involved in performing arts — classical ballet,” Zierenberg said. “I danced professionally for 10 years with a company out of Orlando. I danced through college. I was also a competitive swimmer.”

In a family with three older brothers and one younger sister, Zierenberg recalls, “There was not a lot of down time at home. We stayed busy. My parents were very creative. Mom was a school teacher and my dad was a nuclear and mechanical engineer.”

A week after she graduated from the University of South Carolina, Zierenberg married Jeff, the man of her dreams, who worked for Procter & Gamble. While living in Albany, Ga., Zierenberg, who has a background in journalism, taught fourth-grade English, science and reading.

After Jeff’s profession took him to careers with several big name companies like Pepsi USA, Mars Inc. and TVA, the German-born businessman accepted the position as executive manager of Human Resources and Training for Wacker Chemical Corporation in north Bradley County. The couple settled in Cleveland two years ago where they are enjoying a friendly, back-to-nature environment.

“We love Cleveland!” Zierenberg said. “The people here are awesome — they’re genuine, they’re down to earth. You don’t meet a stranger here! We just fell in love with the community. Jeff and I are very outdoors people. I like to play tennis. He loves to golf. I’m getting back into golf with him. I like to saltwater fish, freshwater fish, go hunting for deer — I haven’t been out very often, but when I do go with Jeff I really enjoy it!”

After 26 years of marriage the couple have two sons, Thomas and William, both in college. Of all her accomplishments, Zierenberg said, “The thing I am most proud of is my family — my husband and children — and where we are in our lives.

“I came from a large family. A large family provides so much continuity for a person. I came from a community where you’re allowed to make mistakes, but you’re accountable for your mistakes. But you learn from your mistakes. You instill that in your relationships and into your children. Then you have something to fall back on. That’s your foundation.”

Another principle the family-oriented entrepreneur said she believes in is enjoying life and the things in it, especially family.

“In all your perspectives you have to have humor and enjoy the world around you. Life is way too short. I lost my dad almost four years ago. Dad was the anchor in our family. He was all about his family. He was our gentle giant. When he spoke, people listened.

“Dad’s perspective really made you inhale and take in the whole scope of things. A big principle for us growing up was discernment, accountability and action. We were taught to discern good information from bad information. Then be accountable for what comes out of our mouths and our actions.”

Such family values instilled in the multitalented Zierenberg, have given her a unique perspective in creating one-of-a kind jewelry designs as unique and diverse as the local community she has grown to love. She said she would love for her jewelry to become an upcoming fashion trend.

“I have some great new things for fall,” said Zierenberg. “Fall is a time of harvest, a time of abundant color and texture. We’re going from a change of seasons to bright, rich, deep colors. I like to keep it very original because who wants to see their jewelry walking around on someone else’s neck or wrist?”

Zierenberg added she is looking for an intern from Lee University with a background in marketing or art to train.

“With this new business and the growth I’m experiencing now — it’s the perfect opportunity for college resumes. That would help me immensely,” she said.

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