New place in town serving up new dishes
by Lucie R. Willsie
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SCOOPS AND BURGERS is the brainchild of Frank Kolhouse, right. It is a family business, featuring an entirely new food dish for the Cleveland area — custard ice cream. His fiancé, center, Janet Daniel, and Kolhouse’s son, Kris, work together with Daniel’s son, Matt Prince. Banner photo, LUCIE R. WILLSIE
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Eight fingers and two thumbs went up immediately.

Megan Underwood, 8, liked her French fries so much, she gave them a 10 out of 10 rating.

It was her first time eating at Scoops and Burgers and the little lady was pleased.

Chicken nuggets made up the rest of her meal, which also got a 10 rating.

Dad, Lee, went for the cheeseburger along with the fries.

“They were great,” he said. This also was his first meal at Scoops and Burgers, but it won’t be his last. “Scoops and Burgers was recommended by friends. It’s good, really good. It may be the best burger I’ve ever had.”

The Underwoods are even thinking about coming back to celebrate a birthday soon as well.

“We’ll come back,” dad said.

Word-of-mouth also brought Frank and Annette Plunk to Scoops and Burgers.

“My boss told me about this restaurant,” she said.

They both ordered the cheeseburgers. He ordered the bacon cheeseburger and she the mushroom Swiss burger with fries.

“The prices are great too,” she said.

But this couple also ordered the specialty item of this particular restaurant — a dessert that is not available anywhere else in the Cleveland area — called custard ice cream.“It’s a different kind of ice cream,” said Frank Kolhouse, owner/manager. Free samples are available. Up to 300 different flavor and topping combinations are available — made to order — with vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, lemon and pumpkin being their current staple flavors. Custard ice cream is 100 percent dairy — Ice cream is only 20 percent to 30 percent dairy — and with only 12 percent air — Ice cream is 70 percent air. Custard ice cream also has no preservatives. “It has a much denser consistency. It’s unique. Nothing like it in the area (in a 50 mile radius).”

Kolhouse has worked in the restaurant business for years. His entire concept centers around creating food at the restaurant that tastes like folks would make on their own backyard barbecue. He also wants his customers to feel appreciated. He works right next to his employees, in the kitchen, as well as on the floor, helping to serve meals and making sure customers are satisfied.

Kolhouse purposely moved to Cleveland a few years ago. He actually was drawn here. He was checking out areas to retire and traveling across Tennessee checking out various areas. He had never been to Cleveland before. — “As fate would have it,” Kolhouse said. — he was diverted to Cleveland because he knew of a business that had moved to Cleveland and, so, he impulsively turned off of I-75.

“I loved the mountains. I loved the lakes. It’s the perfect size community for me. It’s the town, the weather and the people,” he said. That’s why he moved and settled and plans to live here the rest of his life. He’s even engaged to a local gal, Janet Daniel, who is one of the managers at the restaurant. Both sons of Kolhouse’s, Kris, and Daniel’s, Matt Prince, also work at Scoops and Burgers, so it’s a true family restaurant not only for Kolhouse’s retirement, but also for his sons’ futures. Scoops and Burgers just opened two months ago on Sept. 23.

But, even harder to find than custard ice cream, Scoops and Burgers also offers sugar-free vanilla custard ice cream. Annette Plunk particularly liked having this option available and lots of people in the area will appreciate that a sugar-free version is available.

In addition, Scoops and Burgers offers a wide variety of hot dog dishes, burgers, specialty sandwiches, salads, a kids menu, side orders, like chili cheese fries and fresh, homemade chips, and homemade sundaes, shakes, cones, and floats. All burgers are charbroiled — “A heathier type of cooking, Kolhouse said.” — because the fat drips away.

“All-time American favorites,” Kolhouse said.“And I won’t accept anything short of perfection.”

Orders are accepted by fax or by phone.

Curb service will be started in a week.

Coupons also are available.

Check Scoops and Burgers out on Facebook.Groups are encouraged to hold their meetings and events at the restaurant.

“We’re very supportive of all community activities,” he said. “We’re here to stay.”