Our ‘Hallelujah Season!’
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Over the weekend — a remarkably beautiful weekend we might add — we were reminded that last Friday brought a close to what many describe as the hottest, most sultry summer they can remember.

We will not argue the point. Indeed, it was hot. On some days, it was miserable. On others, it was even worse.

And then came Saturday. For those who missed it, the first day of the weekend came to us as the Autumnal Equinox; that is, the first day of autumn. And what a glorious opening day it was!

The reader who reminded us of the grand seasonal change did so because she had hoped to see it acknowledged on this Editorial Page.

“You’ve done it before,” she implored. “But not this time. You didn’t on Friday and you didn’t on Sunday. I missed my ‘Hallelujah Season’ editorial!”

Admittedly, it was a tongue-in-cheek dialogue, but we appreciated the notice. Her reference to the “Hallelujah Season” was the headline that topped our recognition of the first day of autumn last year — Friday, Sept. 23, 2011.

For her benefit, and hopefully a few others, today we will reprint the final two-thirds of that editorial. We do so with great delight because frankly, with the kind of summer we endured in 2012, Saturday truly was the start of our newest “Hallelujah Season.” Our 2011 honorarium to the majesty of another autumn season went something like this:

We have weathered the heat.

We have struggled through the drought.

We have perspired through our shirts, wiped buckets of sweat from our brows and delayed anything outdoors for the greater comfort of air-conditioned spaces.

It has been hot. It has been dry. It has been miserable.

And now it is gone.

Autumn has arrived and brings with it more than just the word.

Autumn ushers in mild days, brisk nights and invigorating morns.

Autumn opens heavy canopies of summer shade through showers of colorful leaflets spiraling to the welcoming bosom of Mother Earth.

Autumn awakens the senses, lightens the spirit and tickles the imagination.

Autumn guides restless feet along winding wooded trails curiously layered in vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange.

Autumn arouses the appetite with scintillating aromas of fresh-baked pies, backyard barbecues and buttered popcorn bouncing up and down and to and fro within glass casings near storefront windows.

Autumn breathes life with country fairs, arts and crafts, straw bales decorated in potted mums of vivid color and family festivals at every turn.

Autumn breaks out the rakes and rakes in inviting mounds of browned leaves whose afternoon mass is best measured in child’s play and playful smiles.

Autumn is outdoor football, tailgating in crowded lots and unchained laughter at every turn.

Autumn is an afternoon picnic in a slow and lonely park, a quiet walk along a bubbly stream, and pensive moods and knowing stares.

Autumn is crisp air, light moods and unseen smiles.

Autumn is faded blue jeans, oversized sweatshirts and stringy toboggans from a forgotten day.

Autumn is love unconditional, one best treasured in years together and lives shared.

Autumn is dancing eyes, soft hearts and a warm embrace.

Autumn is a way of life, a lifestyle of the spirit and a peace of mind.

Like all seasons, autumn is what we make it.

Let us make this one something great.

May each and all enjoy this rainbow ride to our pot of gold.

All have earned it.

And each deserves it.

Let us reap our just reward.