Our County: To Cameron and Lindsey: Thank-you!
by D. Gary Davis
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This community is blessed with many people who are newsworthy and thankfully the good news constantly exceeds the bad news.

Many of us just go about our daily lives and become so involved with personal and family concerns that we pay little attention to those around us. This is not the case for two citizens of Bradley County who were honored Monday in Franklin.

Cameron Fisher, the adult honoree, was able to attend the ceremony, and Ms. Lindsey Armstrong, the youth honoree, was not able to attend. These two became Bradley County’s recipients of the Tennessee Governor’s Volunteer Stars Award for the year of 2013, and are two more representatives of what is good about our community.

Fisher has served on the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce since 2002. This has included terms as vice chairman of membership development, 2005-06; chairman elect, 2007; chairman of the board, 2008; and vice chairman of public affairs, 2011 to the present.

He is a longtime volunteer with United Way of Bradley County in roles ranging from campaign solicitor to board chairman. As chairman of the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway board of directors, he has advanced this award-winning community project, with the help of many other community-minded volunteers, and private and public employees, to ensure current and future growth.

Holding many offices in the Rotary Club of Cleveland has also allowed him the opportunity to use his talents to help our local community and beyond. “Rotarian of the Year” was also bestowed upon him when the civic group not only financed a water project for an orphanage in the Philippines, but also provided another one for an elementary school in Liberia.

Many more contributions to our community from this gentleman are also evident, along with his time allotted for his family and also his full-time job with the Church of God International Offices here in Cleveland.

Lindsey Armstrong is currently a local high school student who is very involved in her community as well. With more than 300 service hours already served as a student intern with the Salvation Army-Cleveland Corps, she was also actively involved in helping those who suffered loss in the April 2011 tornado outbreak.

Not only has this activity been accomplished, but she is now the executive director of a new nonprofit organization called “The Family Kitchen.” A conversation with a woman in need of help and food caused her to find a solution. And with that as a beginning, she has started serving multiple breakfasts and more than 150 lunches each Saturday.

As not only a pioneer in problem-solving, Armstrong is also a keen observer of people and has developed a tenacity for helping those in need that few people of any age have the ability to acquire. She is humble and also determined in her attempts to care for and provide opportunities for others and to become their friend.

Please view her 2½-minute video “biography” at her website for her nonprofit — http://thefamilykitchen.org — and also read about ways you may help her in her mission field here in Bradley County, as well.

These two are examples of our many local citizens who go to work each and every day to not only provide for and make life better for their family, but who also look around them and take time to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Cameron Fisher and Lindsey Armstrong, and all of the others who believe in providing words of encouragement along with the benefit of actions to help others, please accept my thanks on behalf of a grateful community for doing your part to continue to make Bradley County truly Tennessee at its best!