Reader says Ruth wrong to criticize
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To The Editor:

After reading Sheriff [Jim] Ruth’s recent opinion piece [in the Cleveland Daily Banner], I did some research on Tennessee ’s current meth laws. I figured out that the Legislature recently implemented an electronic tool that allows retailers and police officers to stop individuals from being able to buy cold and allergy medicines to make meth. It’s an effective system because it allows honest citizens to buy the medicines they need, while stopping criminals. It’s the kind of balanced solutions that Tennesseans deserve.

Mr. Ruth wants to replace this system with a new law that would make all citizens get a prescription to buy cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine — a popular decongestant sometimes diverted to make meth.

What Mr. Ruth doesn’t address, however, is that a prescription requirement would drive up costs for thousands of Tennesseans, especially those (like me) who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms. Our state consistently has some of the worst allergy seasons in America.

— Brenda Longwith