Rezoning request concerns North Club
by JOYANNA WEBER, Banner Staff Writer
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Mark Hall, Bradley County commissioner and co-chair of the Veteran’s Home Project
Mark Hall, Bradley County commissioner and co-chair of the Veteran’s Home Project
Residents of North Club Estates subdivision on Robin Lane expressed concern to the Bradley County Commission Monday about a rezoning request for property at the corner of Old Charleston Lane and North Lee Highway.

The land in question would be rezoned from agriculture/residential (FAR) to general commercial use (C-2).

“There is not an actual use. They are just wanting to make it more marketable,” Bradley County Planner Bently Thomas said.

Safety and the type of business developed on the site were the residents’ main concerns.

Don Moats, speaking on behalf of a subdivision resident, said there were rumors that “a package store to sell alcoholic beverages” was coming to the site.

“We totally oppose any rezoning to make this commercial property,” Moats said.

Resident Kay Rahn said the subdivision has many children, single mothers and residents with disabilities. She said increased traffic brought by a business in front of the only entrance to the subdivision would create difficulties.

“We walk our dogs. Our children play out there (Old Charleston Lane) ... mostly it’s the safety,” Rahn said of residents’ concerns.

Resident Bill Hoback said even with current traffic it is difficult to get out of the subdivision onto the main road in the mornings. He said if anything is built on the site it would make this worse.

Rahn also said the residents already have issues with people dumping trash in their area. She felt these issues would increase with a commercial business on the property.

“I don’t want the trees destroyed. I don’t want the creek destroyed ... that creek goes on to run through farms,” Rahn said.

Seventh District commissioner Mark Hall asked if this would be considered spot zoning since the land surrounding it is not zoned commercial. Thomas said it was not spot zoning because future growth plans have the area marked as commercial.

Bradley County Chairman Louie Alford said there was commercial property in the area.

“I understand that, but it is not adjoining the site,” Hall said.

Two other rezoning requests were also placed on the agenda for the next voting session. One lot on Lauderdale Highway would be rezoned from agriculture/residential (FAR) to general commercial use (C-2) to be used as a gas station. This property is surrounded by commercial property.

A property on Spring Place Road was also placed on the voting agenda to be rezoned as general commercial use (C-2) from agriculture/residential (FAR). This property would be changed from a barber shop to a used car business.

The Commission’s next voting session will be May 6.

Also during the meeting, Commissioners heard updates from three nonprofit organizations that received funding from the Commission in last year’s budget.

- Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway board chairman Cameron Fisher said recent projects have connected phases of the Greenway completing a nearly four-mile stretch of continuos walkway. Future plans will connect more neighborhoods to the Greenway and plans are being made to connect to the Spring Creek trail. Duck houses have been added to the Greenway. Local Boy Scouts are working to create labels for the 36 different varieties of trees located on the Greenway.

- Joyce Green of the Bradley County Soil Conservation District spoke of the group’s efforts to purify and improve streams, creeks, soil and air. Part of the group’s work is educating local students. The conservation district partners with many organizations to achieve its goals. It also works with farmers to encourage best management practices.

- Joe Burton of MainStreet-Cleveland said the organization has won many awards for the revitalization of the downtown area.

“MainStreet-Cleveland has 169 memberships,” Burton said.

Recent projects include the “Welcome to Historic Cleveland” sign at the Oasis gas station, painting of the railroad underpass and updating downtown banners.

- Updates to environmental law were also presented by environmental office Joe Renner. Renner said these updates from when the current local resolution was adopted in 2006 would address some of the concerns Commissioners had voiced in previous meetings about enforcement.