Sally Poston: Serving the world’s community near and far
by KAYLA DARNLEY Banner Intern
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Sally Poston
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Becoming a veterinarian, running a thriving business and finding time to volunteer for charitable organizations may sound overwhelming to most people, but not to Sally Poston.

The Oak Ridge native moved to Cleveland in 1995 to become the proud owner of an animal clinic and much more. Poston has made her mark as the sole owner of the Animal Medical Center, a doctor of veterinary medicine and a charitable resident of Bradley County.

She studied premed at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, went into veterinary school and then she went on to the Army for five years. Her pre-med background was what sparked an interest in medical care for animals. She has now been in practice since 1995 and purchased her own practice in 2001.

“I realized I wanted to own my own business after the Army. I enjoy medicine and decided this would be a better avenue to own my own practice and do medicine,” Poston said.

Beyond her work at AMC, Poston, 51, is involved with many charitable projects through the Rotary Club of Cleveland as the secretary and through Broad Street United Methodist Church.

“This is the second year I have gone on a mission trip to Honduras. We are seeing improvement. This past trip we tried to see how we could further help. We trained the community on why it is important that they need clean water. The next time I may be able to use my medical and vet skills,” Poston said.

While in Honduras, Poston worked on the water system. They installed better water systems so that the people of the community could have clean water and ultimately better health. They also trained one Honduran man to maintain the system so that their progress in health can be seen over time.

The water runs through the infrastructure, goes through a series of filters and is stored in 5-gallon jugs that are sold for 50 cents at most for when the people need it. At the top of the building are two 300-gallon water containers as well as a sand filter and an ozonator, which filters out viruses into very small particles.

“This system has a really high chance of working. The Hondurans are committed to wanting clean water, learning the system and maintaining it,” Poston said.

While Poston works with the water system, this trip produces many projects that help the Honduran community. They work with Habitat for Humanity to build and maintain housing, sponsor around 30 children and provide a means for clean water. Maintenance is done on the local school and medical clinics are available to improve the health of Hondurans.

“I am a changed person,” Poston said. “This is a great way to help people. They already believe (in God) so what we are really doing is showing them that there really are people out there who care and want to help. We are showing God’s love in a real, visible way.”

The Rotary Club of Cleveland celebrated 90 years of service to the Cleveland community and to Rotary International projects on March 20. As a member, Poston has helped with many projects in Cleveland as well as internationally.

The Rotary Club of Cleveland began working alongside Habitat for Humanity and has branched out to helping the Salvation Army, as well as working with Angel Flight under Robert Anderson, who flies needy people to places for specialized medical care.

Poston said, “I love seeing it all come together and connect. We are pairing with people no matter the religious background and creating sustainability for others.”