Senior citizen opposes guns in schools
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To The Editor:

I hope you print my letter. It’s important.

I’m against teachers carrying guns and [they] shouldn’t be forced to do this. I pray a school shooting [does not occur] in Cleveland as it has happened at other schools across the country.

School doors should be locked when school is in session and no one [should be allowed] to enter unless there’s an appointment [and] then met at the door. Don’t let anyone in without proof of identification.

People carry guns in state parks, restaurants and on the street. Is anyone safe at all?

An NRA person on TV said, “Guns don’t kill. Bad people with guns do. We need more guns out there with good people.”

Who’s good? Who’s bad? Who makes the determination? He didn’t care what happened in Connecticut. I think our National Rifle Association has too much power.

When people look wrong at others, or they say something others don’t like, that’s all they need to shoot.

Do we want a total police state? Most law enforcement [personnel] are good people. However, a few aren’t. It’s been proven over and over.

Want a nationwide “OK Corral” again? North. South. East. West. By all means, line up The Good and The Bad in a face-off. Any guarantees only The Bad get killed off? No, there isn’t. Ever!

Our nation sets examples to other nations all over the world. What do we stand for?

Someone told me recently the National Guard should be alerted [and] men put in the schools. Why not? Those who aren’t overseas could protect. This is not just the National Guard, [but also] the regular Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. Why not? They are trained to protect all of us.

It’s not fair that guns are so readily available to anyone. We can be in our cars [and get] shot at … or in the workplace, in restaurants and heaven forbid in a courtroom, a hospital or even the jail. Anywhere.

Why can’t people get along? How many family members have died, thinking they were being robbed [so they] shoot first? What about relatives leaving guns out where children can get to them? What about law enforcement [personnel] leaving weapons out in their own homes? It happens!

Read the newspaper. Listen to the news. More guns are not the answer. More violence isn’t either.

There seems to be loads of money available elsewhere. Even our own government wastes so much money. Millions. Lots of bonus payments in business, [and] not for the employees who work the hardest — just the millionaires.

Some sit in an office doing very little. School superintendents also get huge raises. Some make way past $100,000 a year. What about people in county and city government? Is that why schools can’t have more resource officers? Is that why the sheriff doesn’t have enough deputies [because] they can’t earn what deputies elsewhere get? Shame on Cleveland!

I hear about Cleveland’s growth, a bigger population, more traffic congestion [and] more building going on. Look at Lee [University]. Yes, [they] do keep growing. That’s OK, but they don’t think or care about providing parking spaces for the new students. The students and teachers take residents’ parking spaces. I guess they can’t help it, but it’s not fair. Life as a whole isn’t fair.

I wish I had the answers we all need and not just in Cleveland. I suggested a couple. Some people choose not to care. They only want to keep their lifestyle. They want more and more! They can’t take it with them when they die.

I personally have very little or I’d willingly give what I could.

I’ll close. I probably could go on. [I wish] what I’ve written could be printed. I hope you print this.

Oh yeah. I’m among a group of people who are senior citizens. I know we aren’t the most popular group. Guess what? All you younger ones will eventually get to this stage in life, God willing.

Also, have you wondered what God would want done to take care of what’s wrong? Really, Cleveland has so many churches, so many denominations.

Would He want every citizen to carry a gun, ready and able to shoot anyone who thinks differently [or] looks different? I don’t think so.

Whenever I go out, especially in a car, I pray He’ll keep me safe and that I’ll return safely.

I wish there was such a thing as world peace. Can anyone imagine this? I have all my life.

We have to come together, somehow.

— Betsy N. Burke