Sheriff's Office: It’s Christmastime again
by Jim Ruth Bradley County Sheriff
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The holidays always bring increased activity and pressures for everyone. Christmas and New Year’s, also, bring a heightened sense of joy, peace and hope, as well.

Nagging problems fade a little and life’s burdens lighten somewhat as we reflect on the reason for the season, the Prince of Peace.

For most, memories of Christmas past bring a feeling of wellbeing, a strong sense of family and all that is right about the world. We are disturbed by the lack of peace in places like the Middle East, North Korea and such. We worry about the national budget and the millions of folks who want to work, but have no jobs to go to. Those worries are here at home as well. The bleak financial picture is still very worrisome.

Most likely we all have friends and relatives who are terminally ill. Yet, with all these negative things that bite at us every day I believe this Christmas season can bring us a renewed hope. Much of that hope comes from remembering the past and the problems and anxieties that we have already overcome.

Because we survived the hard times, the times of debilitating grief, the times of unfulfilled want and need, we have survived to fight another day. We gain a little courage with this knowledge. Contrary to what the writer said, “Our head may be bloodied and bowed a little,” and some scars still show the loss, but here we are still standing, still striving, and still hoping.

For those of us who believe in the Prince of Peace we give Him the credit for our well-being. As we have gone through the battles or, as some say, “the trials and tribulations” of life, we have sensed His presence there sometimes in the shadows, and sometimes in the forefront. It is with this knowledge of the Prince of Peace that there comes a quiet tranquility, a comfort in knowing that the divine is ultimately in charge.

There is the possibility of hope that can cover over those things that bring you down. The Prince of Peace is the Blessed Hope.

Even with the problems our nation and communities face I am optimistic about the upcoming year. I pray for better times for all of us in 2013.

Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading.