Sherlin arrested in man’s shooting
by From Staff Reports
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Alina Sherlin
Alina Sherlin
A Cleveland woman has been charged with first-degree murder following a reported shooting Sunday night that took place at a Greenwood Avenue residence.

Cleveland Police Department officers responded to the call of the possible shooting.

The caller claimed Alina Sherlin, 43, sent out a text to several different parties claiming she had shot her boyfriend, 45-year-old Robert D. Julian.

He was later reportedly found dead in her home from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

Officers responded to the call by making a welfare check to 1908 Greenwood Avenue. The caller’s claims of Sherlin admitting to shooting her boyfriend placed Julian in enough peril to warrant a check. Julian did not come to the door and Sherlin denied officers entrance to search her residence. Authorities then reportedly walked around the house upon Sherlin’s refusal to allow them entrance. According to Public Information Officer Evie West, their intention was to ascertain whether or not the call had been a hoax.

Officers looking through a window in the back of the house then spotted a male body on the living room floor.

West said a rifle was reportedly observed lying next to the body.

Cleveland authorities then gained entrance in an effort to check on the male. They discovered Julian’s body with a gunshot wound to the chest, reports said.

Sherlin has reportedly been placed in custody and charged with first-degree murder.

Investigations are ongoing.

Further developments in the case will be published in the Cleveland Daily Banner, and on the newspaper’s website, as they become available. At this point, details remain limited.