Singer Mademoizell to visit Trousdale
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POP SINGER MADEMOIZELL is coming to Cleveland to perform at Trousdale School and meet the students who put on specially made musicals each year in appreciation of the performing arts. The multitalented European crossover model/musician will bring her signature Parisian electro pop sound and Euro-flair to Cleveland on March 28 to help raise awareness about intellectual disabilities and meet with Cleveland city Mayor Tom Rowland.
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European crossover artist Mademoizell is coming to Cleveland to meet and perform for the students of Trousdale, who celebrate their love of music by staging annual musicals.

The multitalented musician and model, who is often compared to Lady Gaga and Madonna, said she has a special place in her heart for students with disabilities and wanted to support Trousdale’s interest in the performing arts. She will perform live at Trousdale on March 28 at 2 p.m.

Although the multilingual pop artist has been busy promoting her first single, “Muzik Makes Me” and its eye-popping video while performing around Atlanta, the rising star said she wanted to visit Trousdale’s special school for high functioning adults with intellectual disabilities because “their education and artistic growth is something close to my heart.”

“About 12 years ago my cousin, who I am very close to, had a baby girl who was thought to be autistic and later diagnosed as having high performing Asperger syndrome,” Mademoizell said. “I watched her go through this in a time in which both were still misunderstood. The fact that her daughter was high performing seemed to confuse the diagnosis — leading to much heartbreak and lots of medical expenses, including switching schools.”

The situation, according to Mademoizell, created financial problems for her cousin living in Atlanta due to the high cost of special education and a lack of public schools that were willing to handle her. “So yes, it is close to my heart,” she said. 

The pop singer’s appearance will also raise awareness of March being Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. As a second-generation singer, Mademoizell was taught various genres of music and instruments at an early age, thanks to her multicultural mother.

“My mom was a famous Iranian singer who lived in Paris where she sang professionally,” Mademoizell explained. “She no longer wanted to live in Europe and she could no longer live in Iran due to the Iranian Revolution. So she and my father decided they should come to the States.”

The couple immigrated to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where Mademoizell was born. Since her mother had family in Los Angeles, where a majority of the Iranian music industry was located, Mademoizell said she spent her entire life between Los Angeles, France, New York and Atlanta.

“I grew up singing,” she said. “My whole family was in music. My mom’s siblings all sing. In LA I grew up around the music industry. She privately trained me. I went on to be incorporated in any music program the schools offered and did chorus as well as orchestra — playing the violin all my years of study.”

While studying International Business in Paris, Mademoizell was offered work as a model. She accepted. Her career in fashion, coupled with her background in music, shaped the artist into a eclectic musician with runway appeal and an electrifying sound.

“I believe modeling taught me a lot at a young age. I not only have a unique vision of the industry, having seen behind the scenes, but it bred me to be who I am today,” she said.

“I want to share this knowledge and influence with my fans. Some call it fame or being fame-driven. I simply call it wanting to share myself with the world. I have many positive messages to share and want to know I lived my life trying to do that.”

The singer’s taste in classic French, Persian, Arabic, French North African, Western European and American pop, has created in Mademoizell a fusion of electric, symphonic and international pop.

“I call it Parisian electro pop,” she said. Her favorite artists are Madonna, Gwen Stefani, New Order, Depeche Mode, Anjulie, Shabahang, Sebastian Tellier, Grace Jones, Moby, and of course, Lady Gaga.

When asked why her fans call her “The Lady of Gaga,” Mademoizell explained, “As Lady Gaga’s fame grew everyone in the industry said my tenaciousness is like hers, my connection to the fashion world was like hers and my way of turning heads was referenced to Lady Gaga. But they would also tell my mom, ‘You brought up such a nice daughter. She is such a lady.’

“It was my first producer, Jay Mac, who said Mademoizell is the ‘Lady’ of Gaga. By that he meant I represent the more feminine side of that persona — a female artist who is really into fashion but also femininity. I sing about things females want to say and sometimes don’t get to and I carry myself in a lady-like manner. I took it as a great compliment.

“It’s funny because before Lady Gaga was famous I was compared to Madonna because of my sound, sense of fashion, my tone and audaciousness. I was compared to Shakira because of my international ethnicity being European and Middle Eastern and the fact we have the same hair.”

When asked what makes her so unique in today’s music industry, Mademoizell said, “I am real. I have, by God’s grace, lived a lifestyle that allows me to identify with all races, all societies and walks of life. By the age of 8 I had experienced things even some adults don’t see.

“I’ve been around the rich and famous and around the poor. I have watched my family go through good and bad financial times, even life-threatening illnesses. But through it all my music has kept me together. I intended a second underlying meaning in the title of my first release, ‘Muzik Makes Me,’ for in fact music does make me. Without it, I do not exist.”

The pop singer/songwriter/model said she is hoping her March 28 appearance at Trousdale will help raise awareness of what adults with mental disabilities can do and the importance of supporting the arts in local communities.

Mademoizell’s next performance will be at the Dogwood Festival on the international stage of Atlanta’s Piedmont Park on April 21.

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