Surf’s Up Car Wash
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Banner photos, GREG KAYLOR
THE EXTERIOR of Surf’s Up is colorful and cheery. Surf’s Up is located at 2575 Guthrie Drive, just off 25th Street.
Banner photos, GREG KAYLOR THE EXTERIOR of Surf’s Up is colorful and cheery. Surf’s Up is located at 2575 Guthrie Drive, just off 25th Street.
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FOUR 750-GALLON holding tanks below, store reclaimed water, which has been treated for reuse.
There is a new car wash in town and it’s designed to save money — and protect the environment.

Surf’s Up Car Wash, located on Guthrie Drive just off 25th Street, is an energy-efficient and up-to-date technology based business which recycles 80 percent of what should be wastewater.

Jon Woodward built the facility with the environment and saving money in mind.

“As far as we know, we are the only car wash in the region with these new advances and some of the equipment we have installed,” Woodward said.

The base price for a car wash is $5. That will get a client a run through the wash as well as free vacuuming, air freshener and window cleaning.

Clients pull up to one of the two self-pay modules and select the specific grade of wash they want for their vehicle. Once through the automated pay system, it’s off to the tunnel where technicians make sure antennas and other car parts are safe to undergo the brush system. A tracking system keeps up with the client’s choice of service.

The tires and wheels are power washed and, if necessary, manual brushing is done.

Brushes spin and car wash detergent is dispensed through a computerized system. The specified wash cycle is completed with a rinse and eight dryers which produce airflow of approximately 140 mph, according to Woodward.

The work doesn’t end there, but is really just beginning.

“We have four 750-gallon tanks [through] which the water from the car wash is recycled, filtered and cleaned, and then stored for reuse. We reclaim approximately 80 percent of the water. Very little waste goes into the city sewer system,” Woodward said.

A complex series of filters cleans the water 24/7, according to Woodward.

But the green technology extends into the electronics of the system as well.

Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs, control the energy emitted to the components of the entire mechanical system in the car wash and process.

The VFDs regulate the power and allow the system to be more energy efficient by gradually increasing the rate instead of surging the system. It doesn’t become dormant if no activity is occurring, but automatically scales back the amount of electricity being used, according to Woodward.

From top to bottom, the design team incorporated energy saving features. The building which was constructed by Gene Rogers Construction and designed by Rick Lee, has a reflective white exterior and roof system.

The computerized components of the car wash system which promotes the green effect was designed and installed by Innovative Control Systems.

Another option is “Speed Pass.”

A client can purchase a monthlong radio-frequency ID tag which is affixed to the windshield of the car. If the clients choose, they can wash their car daily for one price included in one of three packages provided by Surf’s Up.

“The client pulls into the auto pay system and the ID reader opens the gate automatically. They can then proceed to the tunnel and wash their car,” Woodward said.

Another feature of the new car wash is a buff and wax system. The client gets a premium car wash along with a buffed-in liquid car wax.

“As far as we know, this is the only system of its type in the region and it works great. It provides a long-lasting and protective finish on your vehicle,” Woodward said.

Woodward also owns Surf’s Up in Signal Mountain.

“We are keeping Cleveland and Chattanooga clean, one car at a time,” he said.

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