The Bible and Current Events: Germany and the U.S.
by Clyne W. Buxton
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Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933 when Germany’s economy was in shambles. Also, the proud people still chafed over losing World War I just 15 years earlier. The country seemed to be waiting for a dictator to lead her out of her humiliation and to economic recovery.

Immediately Hitler did remarkable things for his country. He started work programs and launched many other projects which gave people an income, and the economy improved. He built an automobile and named it Volkswagen (the people’s car).

The world wondered at his ingenuity. Even Winston Churchill marveled at his accomplishments — unaware that Hitler would soon attack England.

The dictator misled many people. Oswald J. Smith, the well-known missionary pastor of The People’s Church in Toronto was taken in by Hitler when he visited Germany in 1936.

Here is what he wrote afterward: “What, you ask, is the real attitude of the German people toward Hitler? There is but one answer. They love him. Yes, from the highest to the lowest, children and parents, old and young alike — they love their new leader. ... Every true Christian is for Hitler.”

We all know there was nothing good about the dictator. His feigned goodness was only a ploy to gain control.

There was a day in Germany when God was accepted as the source of all laws, and those laws were anchored in the Bible. Instead, now Hitler declared that the law was whatever he said it was.

For example, when he said that Jews were subhuman and could be killed with impunity, he in essence, declared himself above God.

The Nazis taught us that something may be legal and still not be morally right. Someone said that if there is no law above the law, then the law is whatever men say it is.

Pastor Erwin Lutzer said about our country: “Today, with the doctrine of the separation of church and state turned on its head, our courts say that it is unconstitutional to make any reference to God or to appeal to any law above human opinions.”

Lutzer continued: “Just as Hitler tried to scrub the state clean of Christian influence, even turning Christmas into Winter Solstice and Easter ... to only a spring holiday; just so, our secular state has deemed it unconstitutional to invoke God’s name in the public sphere. Indeed, the word Christmas cannot be used in some of our schools.

“By excluding God from law, government, science, and education we have thrown down the gauntlet in the presence of God — and we are provoking the Almighty to judge us.”

It seems that we are bent on following some of Hitler’s ways. He himself said: “I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience — imperious, relentless and cruel.”

Hitler demonstrated that he was ruthless and devoid of conscience many times over. Ravi Zacharias told of his visit to the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau.

He said: “I experienced a defining moment. ... Speechless, I stared at the pictures of children hurt and humiliated by experiments performed on them.”

Adolph Hitler demonstrates what a demon a man can become when he sells himself to Satan. Of course, the end of such people is eternal damnation. What an eternal difference in a person committed to Christ!

God’s Word declares: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5, 6).