The Bible and Current Events: What about the European Union?
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How exciting are these fast-paced days.

How electrifying that biblical prophesies, dormant for millennia, are materializing before our very eyes.

In the lifetime of many of us a major prophecy has been fulfilled, and the fulfillment of another seems to be materializing.

The former was the return of Israel to the Holy Land in 1948, a dramatic consummation of numerous Old Testament scriptural references.

The latter is today’s astonishing beginning of the revival of the ancient Roman Empire, predicted in the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation more than 2,000 years ago. The forming of the European Union (EU) today has every indication of fulfilling the Roman Empire prophecy.

There are some significant developments in Europe — the site of the Old Roman Empire. It is absolutely amazing to observe the countries of Europe coming together and forming the EU.

In the past, we knew the continent of Europe as a patchwork of comparatively small countries where travel and trade were complicated, requiring passports and separate currency. Now, things are drastically different, and changes are coming with machine-gun rapidity.

For example, you can now travel from the Arctic Circle to the sunny Mediterranean Sea without passport or change in money.

On Jan. 1, 2002, member nations of the EU cast their francs, marks, lire, guilders and pesetas into history’s trash can. The European Union named its common currency the euro. It is now as easy to motor across numerous European countries as it is to drive from New York to Atlanta.

These united states of Europe — sort of — are comprised of many countries. The plan is to create a continent so integrated and connected that, among other reasons, war will be nearly impossible. That is very important to people whose land and homes have been battlefields down through the centuries.

The driving force, however, is the economic factor. If united, Europe could vie with the United States and Japan in world trade; in fact, it has the potential of being stronger than those two nations combined.

Charles Dyer commented: “For centuries scholars, statesmen and soldiers have dreamed of a greater unified Europe. Some, such as Napoleon and Adolph Hitler, put their plans into action and plunged Europe into devastating wars. Others . . . work quietly, almost unseen, to accomplish the same objectives without warfare. The methods differ, but the goals remain the same — a united Europe.”

The European Union, begun in the mid-20th century as the Common Market, is now expanding so far and so fast that academics have been left groping for a term to describe this new political creature.

“When you get to flags and courts and currency, you’re talking about the attributes of a nation — state,” said Mark Mazower, historian of modern Europe at the University of London.

“But the EU is not that,” he continued; “It’s not going to be a United States of Europe. The most accurate thing you can say is that Europe is engaged in a historical process, built around the principles of cooperation, that is creating some kind of new state.”

The strength of the continent in population and finance will be herculean when completely unified. The continent of Europe is comprised of 45 countries with 550 million people and a gross domestic product that surpasses the gross national product of the United States and Japan combined.

Most Americans do not know that the EU, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, already has its own parliament, bill of rights, court system, currency, flag, anthem and 60,000-member army.

It also has a 30,000-person bureaucracy and an 80,000-page legal code governing everything from human rights violations and corporate taxation to jam labels and lawnmower safety!

All of this is happening in our day, though you hear or see little about it in the news media. Perhaps, America thinks EU is hardly newsworthy, but that will drastically change one day when Europe rules the world.

The uniting of Europe is vitally consequential to you and me, because the Bible predicted it 2,500 years ago. It is the most important evidence of the imminent return of Christ that you have seen in your lifetime, with the exception of the return of the Jews to the Holy Land.

The Bible says that Europe will unite and become a world power, a one-world government led by a dictator. The Bible calls him the Antichrist.