The Ultimate Prescription — A life saving book:
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Dr. James L. Marcum is the author of “The Ultimate Prescription” published by Tyndale and “Heartwise,” published by Pathway Press.
Dr. James L. Marcum is the author of “The Ultimate Prescription” published by Tyndale and “Heartwise,” published by Pathway Press.
On the cover of his latest book, “The Ultimate Prescription,” Dr. James L. Marcum declares, “This book can save your life.”

And as you begin reading the 18 chapters of “what the medical profession isn’t telling you,” you have to agree with him.

Written “with” Charles Mills, “The Ultimate Prescription,” is a study of what happens to the human body when it does everything ... wrong?

His second question relates to the human mind: “What happens when the information pouring into a brain’s neural network is wrong?”

And the third: “What happens to a person’s relationship with God when that relationship is based on beliefs that are built on flawed foundations, on images of God that are totally, heartbreakingly wrong?”

Marcum says many of us see the results of this ongoing study reflected back to us from our own mirrors. “We find ourselves gazing into the faces of overweight, overworked, overstimulated people we hardly recognize.” He says we understand — “although we don’t know how or why” — that something important is missing ... something necessary for the days, weeks and years ahead.

His conclusions: That’s what happens when the human body, mind and spirit become so wrapped up with what tastes good, feels good and seems good, “we lose sight of what really is good.” That’s what happens, Marcum says, “when truth is hidden and people start to depend on a random set of highly polished, expertly marketed and decidedly deadly lies.”

But, the doctor says, there is good news and “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it.” Marcum says he felt God asked him to write about the things he had seen and heard over the years as a cardiologist and what he discovered to be at the very heart of good health — not a scientific or literary approach, and not only as a doctor-to-patient, but friend-to-friend. He said that was his inspiration in writing “The Ultimate Prescription.”

His 18 chapters include such titles as: “Hidden Stresses,” “Deadly Misconceptions,” “The Lie” and “The Path of Truth.” He devotes chapters 7 through 13 to the “Beginning,” using the Bible as the “owner’s manual.”

Follow through to the Appendix which includes three divisions: Symptoms, Diagnostic Testing and Treatment. Questions for further thought or discussion conclude the contents.

Marcum is a board-certified behavioral cardiologist with a thriving practice at the prestigious Chattanooga Heart Institute.

USA Today’s Qforma database named him one of the nation’s most influential physicians. He and Mills co-host “Heartwise,” a call-in radio program which airs on more than 500 radio stations around the globe.

In addition to hosting the Bible Rx and heart of Health TV programs, Marcum is an in-demand speaker who specializes in boldly treading on health care topics normally overlooked in the highly marketed and profitable field.

Marcum is marred to Sonya and they have two children, Kelli and Jake. They reside in Chattanooga, but Marcum also practices in Cleveland with the local Chattanooga Heart Institute offices. He enjoys music, sports and other outdoor activities.

“The Ultimate Prescription” is described as Marcum’s explanation of the biblical plan for physical and spiritual health, “prescribed by the Great Physician Himself.” The book presents the real stories of people whose lives have been changed — not by some powerful drug or expensive procedure, but by lifestyle choices made at home, at work ... and at the grocery store.

“If you can’t remember the last time you felt really energetic; if you’re tired of taking medications that don’t fix the problem; or if you’re looking to beat stress and burnout the way God meant us to ...”

You will discover the true source of healing for mind, body and spirit in “The Ultimate Prescription,” which is published by Tyndale House Publishers Inc. and can be found at most bookstores. Visit Tyndale online at

Marcum is the author of “Heartwise, A Layman’s Guide to Understanding and Preventing Heart Disease,” also, published by Pathway Press (2003).