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Cleveland residents queried the local hospital, cheered over increased school funding, marveled over Mother Nature, perused the cigarette shelves and congratulated local scholars in late August 1957.

Monday, Aug. 19, 1957

Bradley teachers to get $6,699

State Education Commissioner Quill E. Cope announced overage from the tobacco and sales tax totaling $906,151 would be used to supplement teachers’ salaries in the state’s 153 public school systems. Bradley County received $6,699 and Polk County received $4,029.

Additionally, $192,214 of the overage was distributed between two areas: $16,695 to the four state-supported special schools and $175,319 to the seven state colleges and universities.

Hospital board answers questions

Members of the public had the opportunity to present a series of questions to Bradley Memorial Hospital.

Questions focused mainly on money. The public asked how Bradley managed to be self-sustaining, if the hospital could build its on wing and whether money should be accepted for local projects.

To a question about the shortage of beds in the case of a major disaster gained a frank response, “Local doctors are frankly worried about this situation. Major disasters, such as explosions and epidemics, can occur at any time and every hospital should have some extra space for emergencies.”

Filter cigarettes more in demand

Nationwide reports of the harmful effects caused by smoking cigarettes caused quite the debate in the late ‘50s. A Banner article noted the reports did not dampen cigarette sales. Many consumers did make a change to filtered cigarettes.

The reporter noted consumers were more fickle about their choice of filtered cigarettes. Reports claiming one cigarette brand to have a better filter than another often saw an immediate increase in sales.

Cleveland woman

struck by lightning

Annie Keith of Route 5 was struck by lightning in the summer of ‘57. She was taken to the hospital and later dismissed. The hospital reported the woman was not seriously injured and was not unconscious.

Jaycees urge citizens

to vote as they please

Jaycees encouraged Cleveland-Bradley County residents to vote in the special city-county elections. They said they did not care how residents voted, as long as they cast their ballots.

“The outcome of the city election on Tuesday Aug. 20 depends upon whether or not you vote,” the Jaycees said in a statement. “It’s your duty as a citizen of the city of Cleveland to register your desires by casting your vote.”

Added the concerned Jaycees, “Too many times we are disappointed in the results of an election — mainly because we didn’t vote. Unless you have exercised your American heritage to take part in government then you should not criticize the results of any election, but accept it as the will of the majority ...”

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1957

Around Towns in ‘57

Tom Childers answering an early morning call and taking action on it ... Bill Lorenz telling a couple of jokes about Texas to a couple from Texas who thought they were the truth ... Cooper Ledbetter appearing cool and collected behind a pair of sunglasses ... Marie Miles being told she has an exceptionally fine sense of humor.

Thursday, Aug. 22, 1957

Local woman gets

masters degree at UM

Bertha Hamilton Gugler of Cleveland received a master of music degree from the University of Miami. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Hamilton.

Gugler graduated from Bradley County High School before graduating from Belmont College in ‘56 with her music degree. She is the director of music at Stanton Memorial Baptist Church.