Thoughts on back-to-school, Election Day
by Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis
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Do you remember the anticipation, the apprehension and the excitement of the first day of school?

How about the memory of turning 18 years old and having the opportunity to “have a say” in how our community, state and nation are governed by casting your first vote and becoming part of the solution?

For some in our community, this rite of passage is just beginning, for some the days of school assignments and activities have long since past but for all of us this time was, is and should be forever cherished.

One need only look at some of our current events worldwide and the idea of a “peaceful transfer of power” by casting a vote should remain of utmost importance. This week in Bradley County and the cities of Charleston and Cleveland, our citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy the beginning of a new school year and also participate in voting for our elected representatives.

The idea of learning about our world is as old as time itself. In order to survive, one has to learn facts. To achieve, the mastery of abstract thought and language skills are also needed. To excel, the nuances of social behavior have to be added to the entire concept of understanding our known libraries of science, art, literature, math, athletics and all learning behaviors.

This process has been debated over the centuries and a multitude of names, both past and present, have been assigned to this exercise. All have some good qualities but all also require two things to occur for success.

One is a dedicated, enthusiastic and encouraging instructor and a prepared, alert and inquisitive student. This week most in our county will have the option to encourage, prepare and support an instructor, a student, or both, in our family or our circle of friends. Please take time to let them all know how important they are to us and our community.

As our county continues to grow, please have patience and also be on extra alert while sharing the road with school buses, or when you are on school property. We all have to get used to new schedules and traffic congestion at each school and their school zones.

The ability for a society to govern itself is in direct proportion to those who participate in the selection of those who govern. When this delicate balance is upset, the results are not what anyone wants for themselves, their family or their neighbors.

On this upcoming Election Day, please exercise your right to vote and participate in the process. It appears that some choose to bypass the voting process and proceed directly to the commentary as to why our system needs “their” answer for today’s problems.

For centuries this process has not only worked, it has propelled our nation to greatness that no other nation or people have ever experienced. It is not broken. Participation in the process is fragmented and with all of us working together, change can — and will — happen once again.

Thank you, for those who have been checking school lists and buying the needed supplies that are listed, so your student will be ready on day one.

Thank you again for those who have chosen to register to vote, who may have already participated in the “early voting” process and those who will vote on Election Day. It is Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This will help ensure that our community is strong and ready to meet the demands of a civilized society.

It is an honor to serve each of you as your county mayor. I look forward to the future with anticipation, knowing that with an emphasis on education and participation, Bradley County will always continue to lead as Tennessee at its best!