Wanda Ide: A prophetic artist shares her vision
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WANDA IDE poses with her prophetic paintings in the sanctuary of International House of Fire in Cleveland. Her painting (from top left) of the two eagles clasping feet is titled “Commitment.” Top center painting of strawberries Ide calls “Food for Thought or Fruit of the Spirit.” The two sword-bearers and the woman is called “The Spirit of Intercession.” Next to Ides is her painting “Showers of Mercy and Grace. Banner photo, DELANEY WALKER
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For some, inspiration springs from a song, or perhaps nature. Wanda Ide, an internationally trained artist who received her training in France, said her inspiration comes straight from God.

Since 1986, the talented artist said God has been giving her divine visions that have accumulated into 40 prophetic paintings. These paintings often focus on what Ide calls “the Divine Romance” — the relationship between Christ and His Bride, the church.

The Paris-born artist said the visions usually occur during worship at her church in Cleveland’s International House of Fire. Despite the “instant downloads,” Ide often searches over the best way to capture the vision.

“I see an idea of what the Lord is telling me and then I have to figure out how to best represent the vision. I try to find reference material, but a lot of times I need to set up people as a way to see what it should look like.”

As for the experience of receiving the vision itself, she describes that as being exhilarating.

“It is really like being in His presence. He is using me to create it, but it is really His picture. It’s like a prophet who would prophesy, except the way this expresses itself is how I am going to paint my revelation,” she said.

When speaking about the prophetic paintings, Ide is quick to accept no credit, saying, “It is all God’s doing.” Especially concerning the testimonies of healing and strength that sometimes follow certain paintings.

Perhaps it was the influence of the French culture she was born into, but Ide cannot remember a time that she was not drawing or painting.

“The earliest paintings I remember were from when I was about 8. They were bouquets, vases and still-life. Art has always been what I wanted to do.”

So much so that she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Tours, France. Following graduation she continued to paint and created what she now calls her “French Collection.” These paintings do not include any of her work she believes is divinely inspired.

“Marilyn Monroe was the first painting I ever did with an airbrush,” she said. “It was a self-given assignment and I chose her because she is so well-known, an icon.”

Ide returned to America in 1999 where she later met her husband, Michael Wilburn. The two were married last year on Dec. 31. Today they are working to further Wanda’s art ministry, Visual Praise 4 Christ.

The versatile artist also paints striking portraits of everyday people. When she is not painting, Wanda enjoys taking walks and playing with her dogs, a Jack Russell terrier named Austie and a basset hound affectionately called Annie Flannigan. In addition, she works part time at Cleveland’s Mountain View Inn Restaurant, where some of her paintings are on display.

The industrious artist is preparing to feature her artwork in the 44th Annual Nillie Bipper Festival and is completing a portrait of her father, who lost his life in Vietnam.

“My passion is to glorify God with the gift that he gave me,” Ide said. “When I get to do what I am graced to do, that’s when I’m happiest.”