Who Knew?: Time to celebrate is now; just pick a day!
by By LUCIE R. WILLSIE Associate Editor
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The holiday season is now officially here based on the commercials and the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes, even some New Year’s decorations out and about on shelves already.

OK. They actually had already started creeping into various and stores and advertisements as early as June or July. I guess that was for those folks who like to shop early and get through their to-do list.

But more than likely, it’s because, as I understand the report I heard, businesses are trying to extend the holiday buying season, starting earlier and earlier every year so they can maximize their profit margin.

Frankly, their profit margin isn’t going to increase from me any. I have just so much of a margin to give, and giving me more time to spend it isn’t going to make it any bigger. However, I guess that works with some folks. Good for them. And the businesses. Anything to help stimulate the economy.

But if we are talking celebrations, I’m just not sure I want to limit my celebrating to just four days in the next three months. I think I would like to celebrate every day!

Inexpensively, of course. I still only have so much in my budget, and my mom gets most of that, but I do feel like celebrating at this time of year and I don’t feel like waiting a month at a time to do it.

OK, let me just review a few of the celebration possibilities I missed in September. National Arbor Week. I have been looking for a plant to fill my big, empty pot from the two now dead tomato plants I tried to grow. Haven’t found anything I like though. I could have been spurred on if I had celebrated this holiday. But there was one major problem with this. Arbor is celebrated the first week in September — wait for it — in South Africa!

In fact, Arbor Day is celebrated around the world and even in each U.S. state at different times of the year. Who knew? Oh, oh, oh. And, another day I really would have liked to know I could have celebrated in September is World Tourism Day — which just happens to have fallen on my birthday this year — Sept. 27!

But I missed it. And I grow tired and sad talking about holidays I’ve missed so I am jumping right ahead to October, November and December.

OK. We’ve got World Postal Day on Oct. 9. That sounds like a laugh riot. World Food Day on Oct. 16. Hey, anything to do with food sounds worth celebrating to me. Oh, and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Oct. 17. That’s wonderful! And this year, falling on Oct. 27, is Make a Difference Day. I like that too!

November has Sadie Hawkins Day on the 13th. I wonder if women really still wait until this one day a year on which they ask fellas to marry them? And if not, why is it still on the books? Actually, when I googled Sadie Hawkins Day, I discovered that it’s a relatively new “pseudo-holiday” that originated with Al Capp and his “Li’l Abner” comic strip and it was a day when ladies could “legally” ask gents out to a dance. Who knew?

Then there’s the International Day for Tolerance on Nov. 16, and Universal Children’s Day. But before these two days to celebrate, there’s Sunday, Nov. 4, when we fall back one hour on the clock which means we have an “extra” hour of sleep that night. And, the most important day of the year to celebrate this year is Tuesday, Nov. 6 — Election Day — when the entire nation will vote for whom they want as their president. Please, everyone go out and vote. The choice is yours to make. Enjoy it and celebrate it.

December has International Volunteers Day on Dec. 5, International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10, and the Day of Goodwill on Dec. 26. And, of course, “Festivas” on Dec. 23. And, for those who aren’t familiar with the “holiday” of Festivas, google this “Seinfeld” show reference. It’s really kinda too goofy and convoluted to explain here properly. But trust me. Somewhere in the universe there is this weird holiday called “Festivas.”

Speaking of weird holidays, here’s a list of some holidays that were touted as being bizarre and unique. Don’t know for sure myself. You decide.

For October, there’s Cookie Month and Eat Country Ham Month, National Pizza Month and National Popcorn Popping Month. There’s a theme, I see. I’m foregoing National Vegetarian Month, however. I don’t think I have to explain further. That’s just way too much celebration for my taste.

Oct. 2 is Name Your Car Day. Oct. 5 is Do Something Nice Day. And Oct. 9 is Moldy Cheese Day. I love Gorgonzola! Oct. 13 is International Skeptics Day. Oct. 16 is Dictionary Day and Oct. 17 is Wear Something Gaudy Day. Oct. 21 is Babbling Day. Oct. 23 is TV Talk Show Host Day. Oct. 28 is Mother-In-Law Day.

Nov. 2 is Look for Circles Day, as well as Deviled Egg Day. Nov. 3 is Book Lovers Day this year. Nov. 6 is Marooned Without a Compass Day. Nov. 6 is Saxophone Day. Nov. 7 is Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day and Young Readers Day. Nov. 14 is Operating Room Nurse Day, while Nov. 15 is Clean Your Refrigerator Day, America Recycles Day, the Great American Smokeout, this year at least, and also National Philanthropy Day. Nov. 16 is Button Day. Nov. 28 is Red Planet Day. Up with Mars! Yippee! Nov. 29 is Electronic Greetings Day. Nov. 29 is Square Dance Day.

December is Bingo month. All month.

Dec. 4 is Wear Brown Shoes Day and Dec. 6 is Put on Your Own Shoes Day. Dec. 13 is Violin Day. And Dec. 21 is Humbug Day, National Flashlight Day and Look on the Bright Side Day.

This day and what it celebrates is more important this year than in previous, I’m a-thinkin’.

You see, there’s one idea that I haven’t mentioned until now, which also may have subconsciously factored into my desire to celebrate more than usual.

It’s the Dec. 21 date this year when the Mayan calendar ends.

My theory has always been that the old Mayans just ran out of room, no more stones, no more chisels to carve into the rock — these chisels broke due to all the carving that had been done previously. After all, the stones, room and tools had to run out sometime. They couldn’t last forever, after all.

Well anyway, it just made me think that, although I feel confident the world will continue — my school loan people would never give up that easily — I just thought it would be a wonderful plan just to celebrate every day as if it were our last!

What do you think?