Writer says ‘enough’ with all the gossip!
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To The Editor:

Enough already! Do we really have to humiliate the families of public officials who make mistakes?

Sure, when folks run for office, they choose to put themselves and their actions under a microscope. Their families do not! Let’s not forget that behind every “scandal,” there are real live children, wives, husbands, parents and siblings who are hurt enough, and DON’T deserve being held up to public ridicule.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I fully understand, and agree, that public officials who make bad decisions and choices should expect, and receive, censure and consequences for their actions. What I don’t agree with is the sensational videos and articles in the media, and the hurtful and mean-spirited comments on social media. Do the taxpayers deserve to know? Absolutely! Do they have the right to know every lurid detail, including videos? I say, NO!

I don’t know about everyone, but I have done and said things that I am certainly not proud of. I would hate to think my child had to go to school, or my spouse or parents had to go to work, and face ridicule because of my actions.

Please, let these families heal in peace. Treat them as you would want your son or daughter treated if they were caught in the same situations. STOP, and think about the children involved before you gossip or post comments.

And, if you can find it in your heart, show a little empathy for the people (i.e. human beings) who make the mistakes. What an opportunity to show the same forgiveness the Lord showed me, and if you have accepted it, you.

— Debra Powers