Your running is done at 21
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I mentioned before that October is Crime Prevention Month, and that crime prevention if far cheaper than the alternative.

One of the suggestions I would like to make is that you keep a record of the names of people who come to your house to do any kind of work. This includes any service people who deliver anything, to the guy who cuts the grass. The list would need to include the salesman and all the helpers.

Most of us know the small contractor pretty well and can trust him to provide a list of anyone who works with him. When a burglary or act of vandalism occurs the homeowner has a list that may contain the suspect(s) name(s). This is not as much trouble as it sounds. Also, the very fact that you ask the workers’ names and addresses may prevent a break-in in the future. Keep this list in a handy place in order to keep it updated and readily available. Each entry should have the date the worker was on your property.

One man who runs a small business makes a note of suspicious people who stop in looking for a job and who otherwise make inquiries that are not congruent with the present circumstances.

Large gatherings at one’s home can, also, bring visitors who are unknown to you, but may come with a friend or family member of yours. We have had cases where some of these tag-along guests have taken jewelry or other valuable items from the host. Also, the bad guys often case a house during one of these visits.

Many residents have invested in cameras that are live and hooked up to the Internet or with silent burglary alarms that call 911. Some of these are very sophisticated and expensive. Yet, there are some very inexpensive alarms that the do-it-yourselfer can place on windows and doors that will sound a loud alarm. One do-it-yourselfer rigged a recorder to a motion detector for an alarm.

Small, wireless, remote cameras can be placed in trees or other hiding places as well. These cameras feed the pictures to a recorder. There are some very inexpensive alarms on the market that do a credible job. Of course, nothing replaces the presence of a deputy sheriff being in the area on a regular basis.

As we consistently enforce the laws, the law-breakers realize it is too costly for them to operate in Bradley County. It begins with enforcing the traffic laws. It is amazing how many felons are careless about keeping the lesser laws. That rule of being “unfaithful in little leads to being unfaithful in much” applies here.

Many times we stop known felons for a traffic violation and write them a ticket or put them in jail. Then, after a few times of being stopped by vigorous, alert law-enforcement officers, they spread the word to the underworld that Johnny Law is a bad dude in Bradley County. Often, that spreading reputation will keep other low-lifers from coming here.

We cannot profile the bad guy, so we must write a ticket and enforce the laws for the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is why I am so insistent on maintaining the proper ratio of at least 1 deputy per 1,000 population. It is important that we keep up with the growth in population so that we can continue to be strong in protecting this county.

The more deputies we have, the safer our community will be. The solution is very simple. I know how to get the job done. That is why I do what I do.

“Run boy run, we are going to get you boy, run, your running is done at twenty one, you won’t see twenty two.” — Sung by Lee Hazelwood.

Thanks for reading.