Flowers like living rainbows
by WILLIAM WRIGHT, Lifestyles Editor
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Banner photos, WILLIAM WRIGHT
DOREEN SCOTT of McDonald has taken her love of flowers and gardening and turned them into a dazzling work of art as passersby cannot help but admire her selection and collection of daffodils, tulips, pansies and lilacs with loropetalum and boxwood bushes to help beautify her landscape. These are just a few of the flowers surrounding her house.
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Gardening is more than a relaxing hobby for Doreen Scott, it is a lifestyle that defines who she is and what she is all about — a person who enjoys the beauty of watching things grow.

To look upon the flowers surrounding her McDonald home is to look upon nature at the peak of perfection — red tulips, pink lilacs, yellow and white daffodils, orange and purple pansies — all in full bloom, arrayed in such bright and vibrant colors they seem to radiate beauty.

The loropetalum and boxwood bushes decorating her yard provide a simple, classic elegance to her landscape and complement her garden, adding just the right touch of burgundy and lime to the colorful scenery.

According to Scott, who was raised in England, her parents were very fond of working in their lovely garden and their fancy became her own.

“Growing up in England I watched mom and dad attend to their garden,” she said with her British accent. “Dad would do the manual labor — tilling the soil and things. Mom would tend the flowers, cutting the roses.”

The family lived opposite a park containing flower beds, a bird sanctuary and an area where classical music was played. The rich tradition of gardening where they lived in the city of Leeds and later in the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield as well as in Stoke-on-Trent, England, was something that became second nature to Scott and her family.

“This was our passion,” she said. To this day Scott is quick to admit she loves to see things grow.

“I love to plant something, take care of it, give it the right fertilizer at the right time — I just love to watch things grow. I like to be out with nature and know that I’ve had a hand in taking care of a little seedling, a bulb, until it blooms.

“Didn’t God say to Adam to be fruitful and multiply and take care of the earth? I think gardening is an extension of that. I really do. I love to plant things and watch things grow. It’s part of me. It’s also therapeutic and fun. I love tulips. They don’t last long enough for me. I especially like their shape and color.”

Scott, who lived in Canada for 14 years before moving to the states and living in Miami, Fla., Clinton, S.C., and McDonald, said wherever she goes, gardening will always go with her, regardless of the season.

“When I don’t have them in the spring I do stain glass windows so I have them all year round,” she said, laughing. “I just love flowers and gardening.”