WRIGHT WAY: Freedom from oppression
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It’s hard to accept but we live in a world of modern-day slavery. From child prostitutes and forced labor to adult sex trafficking and child soldiers — the horrors of slavery are still raging.

According to freetheslaves.net, changes in the world’s economy and in society over the past 50 years have enabled a resurgence of slavery.

The website said, “Through Free the Slaves’ research, first published in Kevin Bales’ ‘Disposable People,’ our conservative estimate is that there are 27 million people in slavery today. This means that there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in human history.”

There are differing opinions as to what constitutes slavery, but here are the common threads: The victim is induced into slave-like exploitation through outright force, fraud or coercion. Victims are unable to free themselves of their situation. The enslaved are subject to physical or psychological abuse or intimidation. Experts say half of these modern-day slaves are children.

For people who are not directly impacted, it might be easier to look the other way than face this atrocity. The Bible acknowledges at Ecclesiastes 8:9 that we live in “a world where some people have power and others have to suffer under them.” — Good News Translation. The New World Translation reads, “man has dominated man to his injury.”

There are, however, other forms of slavery that are more subtle but just as real. Retired Bradley County Sessions Court Judge Andrew F. Bennett Jr. reminded those who approached his bench that owing fines and court costs to the state was tantamount to becoming a slave until that debt is paid.

The court can enforce community service, probation or even imprisonment to those unable or unwilling to pay their fines and court costs. He wisely recommended they stay out of trouble.

Then there is economic slavery. When people can no longer pay their financial debts, they may find themselves only working to pay bills. At this point, you no longer own the credit card. The credit card owns you. This form of slavery is often self-inflicted when people live beyond their means. It’s easier getting into economic slavery than getting out of.

God’s Word reminds us of the worst form of human slavery ever, one that every human suffers from. At Romans 7:14, Paul said “We know that the Law is spiritual. But I am merely a human, and I have been sold as a slave to sin.” — Contemporary English Version.

Genesis 3:1-19 and Romans 5:12 tells us how all humans were born into a life of servitude because of our forefather, Adam’s, disobedience. Happily, the Bible also tells us that we do not have to remain slaves to sin. Paul said at Romans 6:6, “That we should no longer be slaves of sin.” — New King James Version. How is this freedom possible?

The Apostle explained at 1Corinthians 7:22-23, “When the Lord chooses slaves, they become his free people. And when he chooses free people, they become slaves of Christ. God paid a great price for you. So don’t become slaves of anyone else.” — Contemporary English Version.

This release from slavery to sin and death through the sacrifice offered by Jesus Christ will bring the greatest freedom humans have ever imagined.

According to Psalm 72:12-14, Jesus as King of God’s kingdom “will rescue the poor when they cry to him; he will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them. He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them. He will redeem them from oppression and violence, for their lives are precious to him.” — New Living Translation.

No more forced labor on men, women and children. No more child prostitutes, adult sex trafficking or slaving to pay off medical and other bills that make life miserable!

At this liberating time, God’s Word says at Romans 8:21, “The creation itself will be set free from slavery to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of God’s children.” — Common English Bible.

Millions of people long for that glorious day. But when that day comes, do you think God will let just anyone live there or do you think He will have certain requirements? Ironically, to be free from slavery we have to submit to being true servants or slaves of God to enjoy true freedom.

As Romans 6:22-23 states, “But now that you have been set free from sin and become slaves to God, you have the consequence of a holy life, and the outcome is eternal life. The wages that sin pays are death, but God’s gift is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” — Common English Bible.

If we choose to live our life in harmony with God’s will and keep praying for His guidance, asking for help in understanding His Word, true servants of God can enjoy a holy life now with a clean conscience, a real purpose in life and a bright hope for the future with endless life.

They will appreciate in its fullest sense Jesus’ words at John 8:32, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Free at last ... free at last.

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