Letters to the Editor 10-7
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Local reporter’s

question turned

Reagan election

To The Editor:

When Ronald Reagan was running for president against Walter Mondale, there was a former Bradley County resident involved.

During the debate the question was asked of Reagan, “Do you think your age will be a major factor in the election?” The panelist who asked the question was Henry Trewhitt who was born and raised on a farm in the Waterville community of Bradley County.

At the time, Trewhitt was the chief diplomatic correspondent of “Newsweek” magazine and later retired as the deputy managing editor of “U.S. News and World Report.”

Reagan’s answer to the question was, “I don’t intend to let the youth and inexperience of my opponent be a factor in this election.”

In his autobiography years later, Mondale wrote that when he heard the question and Reagan’s answer, he knew at that point that he had lost the election.

Trewhitt passed away several years ago, but still has many relatives living in the local area, including everyone with the last name of “Trewhitt.”

The film clip of that debate question is shown on TV many times each election campaign and has been seen several times on FOX News this year as the turning point of that election.

— Bill McClure


Mary Roberts

thanked by

her neighbor

To The Editor:

The dictionary gives one definition of a neighbor as a “fellow being subject to the obligations of humanity.” The Bible says in Proverbs 27:10, “Better is a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.”

There are Neighborhood Watch programs, which are good, but I want to tell you about my neighbor, Mary Roberts. On Monday evening, Aug. 6, I set my garbage at the curbside as I usually do. Our garbage pickup is usually around 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

My neighbor, Mary, noticed I didn’t bring my empty cans into the garage as usual after pickup. She let that go, [but] when Wednesday came and I hadn’t picked them up she called home and there was no answer. She then called my son at work and told him what had happened. He told her he would be right over.

They both came into my house and found me unconscious and I probably had been that way since Monday night because I don’t remember anything since taking out the garbage.

My son called 911 and my other son, and I was taken to the ER. I am told my temperature was 104.5 degrees and I was admitted to ICU after checking me out. I was unable to respond appropriately to any questions.

I was discharged home which only lasted one night, and [then] this illness took over again and I had to be readmitted to ICU. I was finally discharged to Bradley Healthcare and Rehabilitation on Aug. 25 for rehab.

I have no doubt if Mary hadn’t taken action when she did that within the next hours I probably would have died.

I caution each of you as neighbors of someone to watch and notice their habits so as to act when time is of essence to maybe save someone else’s life. I am ready to go home to my Jesus when He thinks He is ready for me.

But that obviously was not the time.

Thank you, Mary.

— Bobbie Atchley