Bears win on lanes
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The Bradley Central boys and girls bowling teams defeated East Ridge in convincing fashion Wednesday at Holiday Bowl in Chattanooga. The Bears won 25-2 with 3,187 pins for the Bradley boys and 2,145 pins for the East Ridge boys. The Bradley girls won 15-12 with 1,840 pins for the Bearettes and 1,801 pins for the Lady Pioneers.

The competition consisted of three complete games with two 3-member teams from each school with the individual genders.

Bearettes members are Deanna Parrott, Kailynn French, Laura English, Chloe Wallace, Nicole Cartwright, Callie Morgan and Zoey Browder. Callie Morgan was the top Bearette Bowler with 350 pins.

Bear team members are Alec Norwood, Jordan Jones, Mitchell Baker, Cody Henderson, Brandon Sneed, and Chase Blackwell. Alec Norwood was the top Bear Bowler with 595 pins.

The BCHS bowlers are 2-0 in district play. The Bearettes are 1-1.

Bradley’s next game is Oct. 18 against Walker Valley.


Game 1

Ryan (ER) def Morgan (B) 101-99, Cartwright (B) def Stone (ER) 105-93, Wallace (B) def Hitchcock (ER) 106-93, Adams (ER) def English (B) 96-84, Campbell (ER) def French (B) 79-74, and Rudder (ER) def Parrott (B) 146-95.

Game 2

Morgan (B) def Ryan (ER) 127-126, Cartwright (B) def Stone (ER) 106-105, Wallace (B) def Hitchcock (ER) 96-90, Adams (ER) def English (B) 96-88, Campbell (ER) def French (B) 111-110, and Rudder (ER) def Parrott (B) 111-108.

Game 3

In the third game, Morgan (B) def Ryan (ER) 124-103, Cartwright (B) def Stone (ER) 92-74, Wallace (B) def Hitchcock (ER) 116-82, Adams (ER) def Browder (B) 133-103, French (B) def Campbell (ER) 101-80, Parrott (B) def Rudder (ER) 106-82.


Game 1

Norwood (B) def Josh L. (ER) 170-145, Jones (B) def Kaleb P. (ER) 223-201, Baker (B) def Cody T. (ER) 156-122, Henderson (B) def Jon L. (ER) 180-107, Sneed (B) def Joey D. (ER) 139-102, and Blackwell (B) def C. Deverson (ER) 193-53.

Game 2

Norwood (B) def Josh L. (ER) 244-115, Kaleb P. (ER) def Jones (B) 194-168, Baker (B) def Cody T. (ER) 174-101, Henderson (B) def Jon L. (ER) 169-126, Joey D. (ER) def Sneed (B) 153-138, and Blackwell (B) def C. Deverson (ER) 216-59.

Game 3

Norwood (B) def Josh L. (ER) 181-110, Jones (B) def Kaleb P (ER) 200-159, Baker (B) def Cody T. (ER) 126-124, Henderson (B) def Jon L. (ER) 204-103, Sneed (B) def Joey D. (ER) 129-104, and Blackwell (B) def C. Deverson (ER) 177-67.