Mustangs, Bears split on the lanes
by Special to the Banner
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The Walker Valley and Bradley Bowling teams split wins in last week’s district contest at Leisure Lanes in Cleveland.

The Walker Valley girls defeated the Bradley Bearettes 22-5 and the Bradley Bear Bowlers defeated the Mustang Bowlers 16-11. The Lady Mustangs and the Bears remain undefeated in district play.

Chelsey McCormic led the Lady Mustangs with 553 pins and Alec Norwood led the Bears with 580 pins.

Lady Mustang bowlers were Sondra Combs, Amber Houchin, Miia Thompson, Mycalah Massengill, Chelsey McCormic, Alexis Rutledge, Megan Cavett, and Nicole Hardeman. Bearettes bowlers were Callie Morgan, Nicole Cartwright, Chloe Wallace, Johnna Cartwright, Kailynn French, Deanna Parrott, and Laura English.

Bradley Bears bowlers were Alec Norwood, Jordan Jones, Mitchell Baker, Cody Henderson, Braden Sneed, Chase Blackwell, and Alexander Stafford. Mustang bowlers were Jacob Baker, Jesse Bishop, Tanner Kincaid, Brendon Baker, Briton Helton, Caleb Zanoska, and Austin Watson.

The Bears and Mustangs go head to head again Dec. 13 at Leisure Times Lanes. Bradley’s next opponent is East Ridge on Nov. 1.



Game 1

Combs (WV) def. Morgan (B) 145-117, Houchin (WV) def. N. Cartwright (B) 150-119, Thompson (WV) def. Wallace (B) 109-104, McCormic (WV) def. J. Cartwright 145-99, Rutledge (WV) def. French (B) 154-93, and Cavett (WV) def. Parrott (B) 102-83.

Game 2

Combs (WV) def. Morgan (B) 176-104, Houchin (WV) def. N. Cartwright (B) 127-104, Wallace (B) def. Thompson (WV) 119-115, McCormic (WV) def. J. Cartwright (B) 209-94, Rutledge (WV) def. French (B) 147-113 and Cavett (WV) def. Parrott (B) 156-92.

Game 3

Morgan (B) def. Combs (WV) 125-103, N. Cartwright (B) def. Hardeman (WV) 113-100, Wallace (B) def. Massengill (WV) 109-98, McCormic (WV) def. English (B) 199-93, Rutledge (WV) def. French (B) 203-106, and Parrott (B) def. Cavett (WV) 105-103.


Game 1

Norwood (B) def. J. Baker (WV) 246-159, Jones (B) def. Bishop (WV) 156-141, Kincaid (WV) def. Baker (B) 177-140, B. Baker (WV) def. Henderson (B) 178-134, Helton (WV) def. Sneed (B) 147-115, Blackwell (B) def. Zanoska (WV) 182-140.

Game 2

J. Baker (WV) def. Norwood (B) 160-149, Jones (B) def. Bishop (WV) 156-132, Baker (B) def. Kincaid (WV) 171-108, Blackwell (B) def. Zanosta (WV) 188-128, Helton (WV) def. Stafford (B) 171-154, and B. Baker (WV) def. Henderson (B) 177-135.

Game 3

Norwood (B) def. J. Baker (WV) 185-182, Jones (B) def. Bishop (WV) 205-192, Watson (WV) def. Baker (B) 180-132, B. Baker (WV) def. Henderson (B) 196-125, Helton (WV) def. Stafford (B) 162-147, and Blackwell (B) def. Zanoska (WV) 149-124.