Lifelines: Our trust is in God
by By BETTIE MARLOW Banner Staff Writer
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Everyone, I’m sure, has unpleasant surprises which take you totally off guard. You can’t really prepare for the unexpected.

Oh yes, I know there’s insurance to take care of tragedies financially and some have something set aside for emergencies — medical, breakdowns or job layoffs.

But even then, unexpected events can pull the rug out from under your feet. How do you prepare for those? How does a person deal with those things beyond their control?

When my husband was killed instantly in our auto accident 26 years ago, there was no way I could get through it alone — not even with the support of friends who took care of me until I could care for myself. There was no way I could have been prepared for what happened.

But I knew the Savior and He knew all about it. What people couldn’t provide, God did — courage, hope and strength both physically and emotionally.

There’s a song that says something like this: “Without Him, I could do nothing. Without Him, I’d be enslaved; Without Him, I would be wandering, Like a ship without a sail.”

A few days ago, my son Terry called and asked how I was doing after my last (I trust) cancer surgery.

Then he said he had to tell me something. And from the tone of his voice, I knew it was serious. He was calling from the hospital in Rome, Ga. He’d experienced a heart attack and had to be shocked back twice.

Again, it was knowing the Lord that made the difference in receiving the news. And the first knowledge was followed with good news a few days later: A stent was put in and now he is already able somewhat to go about his duties in working with patients in his care.

No one likes to get bad news. No one enjoys traumatic events. And no one can cope with life’s disappointments alone. And when things unpleasantly surprise us in life, we say, “I didn’t expect this.”

Why do we wait until a desperate situation happens before we seek God?

Do we look to our heavenly Father only when there is hopelessness?

That is sorta like the fellow who fell off a cliff. He prayed, “God, help me.”

When he caught hold of a shrub, he shouted, “That’s OK, I caught a limb.”

We can’t make it on our own — not even through everyday occurrences. But if we need help for the unexpected, then we need to know the provider of all things. We need to enter that relationship with Christ before a desperate situation hits.

Our hope — our assurance — our trust has to be in God. And doesn’t it feel good to have that knowledge.

Philippians 4:13 (KJV) reads” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” That statement — those seven words — “I can do all things through Christ” is the substance of faith in Jesus.

The knowledge and believing of “I can do all things through Christ,” is the strengthening factor. We know Christ has all power, but we have to put ourselves in the equation to take hold of that promise.

He will enable us to “do all things.” That powerful truth is what gives a person courage. Through Christ, we can deal with the “unexpected.” Our strength is knowing that.