County to revisit RR crossing issue
by JOYANNA WEBER, Banner Staff Writer
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The Bradley County Commission is delaying a decision on whether to close an Old Weatherly Switch Road railroad crossing after members of the road committee said they would like to revisit the issue.

An initial vote by the road committee had recommended moving forward with the closure. However, members emphasized their vote was simply based on the information they had at the time. They stated their views could change when they had more information before the Commission vote. Additional information on the issue came to committee members in the form of a visit to the crossing and a plea by Olivia McLaurine at last week’s meeting to keep the crossing open.

Road committee chairman Mel Griffith said the issue would be reconsidered by the committee sometime in January.

Fifth District Commissioner Robert Rominger said he had received some calls on the issue.

“We did spent a lot of time down there, and since that time we have had several calls that I feel like were legitimate calls to consider because people do have property on both sides of the railroad,” Rominger said.

Rominger said at this poin­t he would not be in favor of closing it. First District Commissioner Terry Caywood agreed.

McLaurine thanked the Commission for reconsidering.

“That seems like a very minor type of subject, considering the last two meetings that I have attended here at the Commission, but it is of high importance to me and I appreciate you all treating it with the same respect,” McLaurine said.

Also during the work session:

n A resolution to grant funding to the Healthy Community Initiative grants was pulled from the consent agenda. The issue will be voted on as part of the regular agenda. This change was made because the amount approved by the finance committee was found to be in error after the vote was made.

“My understanding was there wasn’t as much money in that (public water) fund as was thought,” Griffith said.

n Third District Commissioner Brian Smith placed a resolution on the consent agenda to honor the memory of Constable Ira Cox.

n Fourth District Commissioner J. Adam Lowe requested the finance committee review the Financial Management Act of 1981, and discuss revising it. Lowe said the state is considering making changes that would affect counties, such as Bradley County, that hold jurisdiction by private act. Some at the state level have concerns about how the finances are managed and organized in private act counties.

“I have reviewed the minutes. When it was brought up several years ago to me most of the objections were political or personnel-related. There weren’t really any objections to the merits of that form of accounting at the governmental level,” Lowe said. “I don’t want us to be caught victim of a state mandate, should legislation pass in the next few years.”

Finance committee chairman Ed Elkins said the committee could look at it. He asked Lowe to bring up the issue at a finance committee meeting.